Private or Public, which cloud to choose?

When we were in 2007, The Cloud was thought of as the future of Information Technology. Well, not anymore, as the cloud has already here to improve our computing life. Nowadays, there are many people who have moved, or is beginning to utilize The cloud for their daily hosting and storage usage. With a lot of benefits regarding data safety, online storage and webpage uptime, Cloud is a must on your road to IT success. However, choosing the right type of cloud for yourself is not easy. There are public cloud as well as private cloud available on the market. Let’;s look into these two to find what kind of cloud service suit you and your business the most.

Public Clouds

Public clouds, also widely known as shared clouds is a Cloud service that is provided by means of the Internet. All the application, storage and service offered are offered virtually by the provider, and available for you, your company and practically every person you give them the permission to access The Cloud, even your wife (though I highly discourage this). Kidding aside, this type of service provide you with many good benefits. These include the instant access to your cloud from anywhere there is internet and at anytime you like, the easy to manage, easy to use and easy to maintain storage, and the flexible scalability. Good news, some of them are provided for free, although when you need more space you will have to purchase them.

On the other hand, there are also some small disadvantages come from this kind of cloud service. Security remains a hard-to-solve puzzle for public cloud user. However, if you are careful with your files, there shouldn’;t be much damage these problem can cause to you. With that, these cloud storages are best suited for developers who want to test their programs for free or minimal price, to large businesses with lots of employees and remote workers, as they all can connect to their files at home or anywhere away from home. It’;s also very effective when it comes to collaborative projects with other groups and/or company. For all of those who is wondering, Zipcloud has proved themselves to be a valuable partner to me and my writing quest.

Private Cloud

The difference between a public cloud and a private cloud, which can also be called enterprise cloud or internal cloud, is that the infrastructure and service of the private cloud are maintained directly on your private network, while those of the public cloud are maintained by service providers. The advantages of utilizing this type of cloud system is that you can have overall control of the cloud. To make it simpler, you don’;t have to worry much about data security when using internal cloud. Actually, you can share some of your application and resources with other companies or group, but then it’;s your decision.

However, private cloud tend to lean on the hardware and software system of your company. This means that you have to invest a lot money in your equipment, or else your cloud system won’;t perform at its highest capabilities. As these equipment needs quite a lot of maintenance, a large amount of money also required. However, if you are running a business which deals which highly confidential data, these money are worth it. It’;s also a good choice for business who have the right personnel and resources to effectively run it.