P.s. I Love You

Holly has a broken heart and thinks back to her time with Gerry. After a couple of days with headache Gerry went to the doctor. Then they got the terrible news: the headache was caused by a brain tumor. Thirty years young, but Gerry could not fight death. Holly’s aim in her life was to live a long and happy life with Gerry. When Gerry dies, Holly remains behind all alone. She does not want to hear from family or friends and does not want to go outside. She has become bitter: why did this have to happen to her?

And why does everyone seem to know what is good for her, while they do not feel her pain? One day she picks up a large postal package at her parents, which is filled with envelopes and a letter of Gerry.

In the past they had joked about the fact that Holly could not live without Gerry, so the idea of the list comes into play. If something were to happen to him, he would leave her a list of things she should do. So Gerry had kept his word and made a list. The package contains envelopes, one for each month. The things she has to do are varied, buying a lamp for her bedroom so she would not get bruised if she got up at night. To participate in a karaoke singing match, to clean up and throw away Gerry’s things, to take a vacation and rest.

To find a job which really suits her, to buy a beautiful dress, to attend the annual charity ball, and the important message, that she should not be afraid to fall in love again. Holly lives for the monthly messages of her deceased husband. The more time passes, the better she can adjust back to life. She has a new wonderful job, goes out sometimes with friends, becomes famous in the meantime through a documentary of her little brother Declan about her trips with her friends, finds the contact with her family and helps her less-loved brother through a difficult period.

Although there are many positive things in her life, Holly also has negative sides to go through. She still cries every day in grief, the wounds of bereavement are not easily healed, and leaving the emptiness after Gerry had died, sad thoughts keeps following her. Sometimes she does not dare to be happy, because she feels she is betraying Gerry. When she meets a handsome man, Daniel, she does not want a relationship because she does not want to cheat on Gerry. Sometimes she can not share the happiness of others. Her best friend Denise is going to get married.

Tom and Sharon are expecting their first child. Holly has difficulty in sharing their happiness. Why is she not happy and is she left alone? After a year of following Gerry’s list, Holly has found the kind of woman she is and what she has to do with her own life. It is time for her to live again.

This is a beautiful romantic movie, set in Ireland, and describes the compassion of the relationship that influences affection between husband and wife. When I started the movie, I was not at all in a sensitive mood but after I watched the movie, I was moved by the dialogues uttered by Gerard Butler as an ideal husband, all the way from “Million Dollar Baby” to “P.S. I Love you”

I loved the natural chic of Hilary Swank, but to this movie, I found the performance

Exceptional. Too true to move a heart which filled with some true love? So I think the movie should be watched by all those who irrespective of the age factor believe in something like ‘true love’ in an acquisitive manner. Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) performs the role of a beautiful loving wife who loves everyday fights and is always in quarrel with Gerry (Gerard Butler).

After his death she gets so lonely to find another husband, however at that time she realizes her true intensity of loving Gerry, who despite being dead has left something too sentimental for her. It is a love story that depicts the lifestyle of a couple. A must watch movie I would say!