Puppy Looks Out Window, Sees Creature Playing With His Toys


If there’s something that we all know about foxes, then it has to be the fact that they are not that liked by other animals. Just take for example how dogs start barking and growling every time they smell a fox. Although, no one can blame them because dogs have been used to hunt foxes for hundreds of years and it’s in their nature. Nonetheless, you will never believe how a dog reacts after he sees a fox playing with his favorite toy!

20. Cute Fox


As cute as foxes might be, there is a good reason why they are represented as villains in every cartoon. Foxes are sneaky and they are known for being quite cunning as well. This is what makes them such great villains.

19. Sneaky Fox


Foxes are not skilled fighters and their way to survive in the wild forests is to be sneaky. However, you will never believe what a fox did once she noticed a dog toy sitting on the front porch of a house.

18. Abandoned Toy


A woman from the US took her dog inside the house, but she made a big mistake! She forgot to take the dog’s favorite toy inside too and left it outside on the grass. While this might not usually be a problem, on this day it was! Check out the next picture to see who steals the toy!

17. Curious Fox


The woman noticed that her dog was starring out the front window and she went to check out what’s going on. She couldn’t believe her eyes! A fox was sitting right on her front porch and it was stealing the dog’s favorite toy.

16. Big Surprise


The woman was in shock. How did a fox end up in front of her house in the first place and why was it trying to play with her dog’s toy? This is something unheard of. What happens next is even more shocking.

15. Having Fun


The playful fox takes the dog toy in her mouth and she throws it up. The little fox is just trying to have a little bit of fun. I wonder how the dog must feel knowing that a fox is playing with his favorite toy. I bet that he is not happy.

14. Running Around


The fox takes the toy in her mouth and throws it up once again. From the looks of it, the fox is simply trying to get some exercise and she is having some fun at the same time. The next picture is going to crack you up!

13. Jealous Dog


The dog is staring at the fox without moving an inch. He starts growling and the owner who is filming this entire thing burst out laughing. The dog is jealous! Can you believe this?

12. Loud Barking


It doesn’t take long for the dog to start barking loudly. The funny thing about this is that the fox doesn’t have a single care in the world. The dog can bark as much as he wants because the fox is not going to give up playing with the fun toy anytime soon.

11.Getting Ignored


As if it wasn’t annoying enough for the dog that the fox was ignoring him, the fox didn’t even look towards the window when he was barking. This fluffy fox just looked the other way every time that the dog would try to “say” something to her by barking.

10. Bad Day


If you ever feel like you are having a bad day and that nothing is going your way, just remember what this poor dog had to go through. His favorite toy is never going to be the same!

9. One Last Hop


The fox takes one last hop and the video ends. We don’t know what happened after the owner of the dog stopped filming, but we like to believe that it didn’t steal the dog’s toy, especially since he was so eager to get it back. This story reminds us of another friendly fox…

8. Friendly Fox


This adorable and little fox was rescued by a group of good people. What these people didn’t know is that they rescued the friendlies fox in the world! Don’t believe us? Well, then you better check out the next picture and see for yourself.

7. Smooches


Instead of giving smooches to her saviors, the little fix would nibble on their fingers. Isn’t this adorable? You are not ready for what’s coming next…

6. Befriending A Dog


The adorable fox is doing the impossible! She has just befriended a dog and to make things even better, the two are having lots of fun together as the upcoming pictures will show you.

5. Little Fella


What’s great about this unusual friendship between the dog and the fox is the size difference between them. The dog could bark a single time and the fox run away, but he chooses to be friendly instead like the good boy that he is.

4. New Friends


As we can clearly see in the picture featured above, this fluffy little fox likes nothing more than making new friends. Not only that, but there’s something about this little fox that makes other bigger animals like her.

3. Ayla


What we didn’t mention is that the fox is called Ayla and that her story is a heartbreaking one. Before she was rescued, Ayla lived on a fur farm and her future was not looking bright. Luckily, everything changed when she was rescued.

2. Safe


Ayla is now safe and she can have all the fun in the world that she wants. Fur farms shouldn’t exist and we hope that the people who helped rescue Ayla are not going to stop from helping other foxes in need of rescuing.

1. A Great Life


Now that Ayla doesn’t have to worry about any fur farm anymore, she can go on and live a great life where she gets to do everything that she wants every day. Ayla is free and this is all that matters.