Putting First Things First

Imagine how disappointed you would be if after spending days and weeks planning and organizing your event no one showed up.

This is Daniel. Daniel has an event to promote that he knows you have just got to attend; it’s bound to be the killer event of the year! But how to get the word out?

Daniel prints up some flyers, posts them around town, hire a few kids to pass out some more at the Malls – stick them in car windows, maybe a direct mail piece, – no wait, no real time for that, the event’s only a few days away!

Of course he can do an email campaign to promote event, post it on Facebook, MySpace … – but you know what, Daniel isn’t that sure how all this will work out. Daniel remembers he did all that for last year’s event… and it all wound up costing him more in time and money then was covered in ticket sales!

The stress really sets in the week before the event. Daniel is quickly running out of time to attract attendees. Stressed and worried, He tries harder and harder. But it seems no matter how hard he tries, the results are meager. The time, effort and money is not paying off.

Yet, somehow, Daniel hard work was unable to help him attract enough people to make his event a success. Why?

Most events fail not because of planning or execution, but because of the marketing of the event itself. Simple event listings and mailing to your personal list is never enough. MySpace is nearly useless and there is too much clutter to fight through on other social networks.

If you’ve ever tried to promote an event you probably know that it’s no picnic. Event promotion is really difficult, stressful and costly.

There’s a better way!

Here is a talented classical music group in Paris. It tried unsuccessfully for several years to attract the 90 to 120 people to their seasonal performance, but was only able to attract around 30 each time.

Frank, the group’s manager was desperate and tried every marketing tactic he knew for event marketing: MySpace, Facebook, flyer distribution, posters, emails and so on. Lot of money was spent and sweat equity was put in, but with no favorable results.

Like Daniel, Franck was losing soul, sweat, tears in the promotion game without any sustainable results.

Then, in November 2009, Frank heard about something called “peer referral network for event promotion”. Frank said to himself, why not try it. He approached several groups that performed classical music in Paris (about 15 groups) and suggested that they use GoodBuzz.org to create a peer referral network.

Result: Winter 2009-2010 was the best season ever for the 15 groups that participated in the peer referral network. Each time one member of the network had a performance, with peer referral, each event attracted around 10,200 leads with a conversion rate slightly higher than 2.5%. This resulted in the sales of more than 250 tickets with each collective promotional campaign.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, nobody else does.” – Dr. Stuart Henderson Britt

The old time has passed. The time you were ‘the only show in town’ has evolved. Being good at creating excellent products or services is still vital, but is not ENOUGH anymore. Survival of any business todays depends on its continual advertising capability.

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