Quality Content Is King

The belief is that the more content a website has, the better chance it has of ranking high in search engine results. Another spin off of this theory was that companies not only started putting up a large number of pages on their websites but also added blogging, article marketing, and press releases with keywords embedded in them. The major focus of these campaigns was to attract search engines rather then the actual user. The strategy brought results also but search engines and users didn’t benefit from it. Search results are flooded with “not-so-great” quality content and are increasingly facing the question of relevance of their search results. On the other hand, it’s a case of information overload for users. They are getting reams and reams of spam results and very little of good quality content.


The attitude of many businesses is to churn out content without giving any thought to the value of the content. In their zeal to flood the internet with content bearing their keywords, brands and inbound links, they forget that they should instead give a thought on making content which are of some value to their business and clients in direct way. If potential customers come across a press release then it should entice them to visit your site to learn more or purchase the product and should not be filled with spam content just for search engines.

Rather then paying article writers for hundreds of articles, pay them to write articles, PR and blog posts of great quality. Make them write copies that will compel readers to click on the buy button rather then the close button! It should make you stand out from your competition.

Another very important reason why content should be top notch is link building. As all SEO companies know, link building is a very crucial part of any SEO campaign and one can only ignore it at his/her own peril. Bloggers and other websites voluntary link back to websites with good content. They quote, use excerpts and link back to good internet sources. This has two-pronged benefits. First is free internet traffic from other sites with your links. The other is that these links are high valuable free inbound links which are very much sought after. These inbound links will help you in achieving top ranks in search engine results.

If you want to achieve good rankings and build solid reputation then good quality content can help you in more than one way. Try it and you will feel the difference in just a couple of months.