Quick And Easy Male 'hair Loss Treatments


Hundreds of men suffer from hair loss and pattern baldness, and it is oftentimes a source of embarrassment and insecurity for men who are not prepared for losing their hair or shaving their heads. Worse yet, and even more distressing are the cases of younger men who begin to lose hair long before touching the age of thirty. What options exist for men like you who suffer from hair loss at an early age?

You too can do what a lot of other men have done – shave your head and get some uniformity. Many men look fine with their heads shaved – it simply has to fit your style and personality, and you have to be comfortable with it like that. If you are not willingly to just throw in the towel on your hair, plugs and hair pieces are available, but none of the two will go unnoticed, and they are stigmatised by society as being undesirable and tacky.

The next best option is to try out a product to stimulate hair growth which is now offered by several well known manufacturers, both as prescription and over the counter. Although there is no miracle pill which can audaciously promise all men and women who take it that their hair will grow back, some effective and promising treatments and products for hair loss are available on the market as well as are in the developing process.

Proxiphen, Avacor, Monoxadil (Rogaine) and Propecia are some of the best prescriptions and over the counter products for men available nowadays, and all of them have various levels of success when it comes to re-growing the hair of clients. As there is a great demand for men hair loss products, a lot of over the counter alternatives for hair loss have recently been introduced on the market in an attempt to provide men a more affordable and more convenient alternative for re-growing hair and preventing any more loss of hair.

Many special formulated vitamins are also available for hair that is thinning as well as to promote the quick re-growth of shiny, healthy hair. A combination of various biotin, amino acids, zinc, and vitamin E and B6, usually makes up the vitamins used to treat hair thinning and to re-grow hair. A lot of persons who use these vitamins report to having thicker, healthier and lustrous hair. However, if your aim is to re-grow your hair and to not just thicken hair that is thinning, then it is best if you use a supplement for hair loss that is more serious or a treatment which targets hair loss and balding.

Massaging your scalp is one way to stimulate the growth of your hair. This tip is an old one used by hair stylists to allow for the stimulation of follicles in the hair, the unclogging of blocked oil glands in your scalp, and to help with the promotion of healthy scalp and good hair growth. Furthermore, it is very relaxing.