Quick Ways To Get Google Adsense Approval

use revenue sharing sites on the internet to generate some 

on the side. Most of these sites use

and you need to have a publisher id to make use of this. Here’s how you can get one. There are a number of revenue sharing writing sites on the internet. While it would be incorrect to say that all of them use Google Adsense, it is safe to say that the majority of them do use it. So if you are a freelance writer in between jobs with some spare time on your hands you may want to start contributing to some of these sites and use your Google Adsense Publisher ID to make some money on the side

The first step is to have a GMail account before you get the Google Adsense Publisher Id. You probably have one already and if you don’t go sign up for it now. Its free. Then head over to the Adsense Page here. Now you need to create a new account so click on the blue button that says “Sign Up Now“. This will take you to an application form that you need to fill out. Let’s deal with each part of the form now.

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Website Information

Don’t worry if you don’t own your own website or domain name. Although it does make it simpler to get the approval. Here are two alternatives that you can make use of. The first one is to get a free blog at Blogger.com. You can use your gmail account to log into the site and create a free personal blog. Add original content and have a few blog posts on it before you apply for the adsense account.

The second way is to start writing on any of the websites that allow you to use Google Adsense to share revenue. Here’s a of them. Now log into your account on the site and begin writing articles on them. When you have a sizable work sample you can use your profile url on these sites as your website in the form. As most of these sites have a good content moderation rate you are likely to get approved easily.

2. Contact Information https://www.free-creditcards.in/ ,https://www.auto-insuranc.in/ ,https://www.flashfile.in/

Exercise caution when you fill in your name and contact information. Remember to check and double check all the details. As this is the address to which Google will  your payment to. Don’t worry if you change your address later. Once you get approved you can go and change the details. They will mail you a pin number which you must enter to verify the account once you have ten dollars in your account.

3. Policies

Make sure that you read this section. I am not kidding. You don’t want all your hard work of setting up a blog and populating it with articles to go to waste just because you wrote one piece which violated the terms and conditions. Remember you can not click on your own ads to generate money. You will be banned. You can not ask others to click on your ads. You will be banned. You will not even be told that you have been banned. It is a really bad break up where they will not respond to any queries from your side. So make sure that you read the terms and conditions from end to end.

That’s the end of the form. Now you submit the application and wait for word of being approved. In the mean while keep writing on all the sites that you have joined. Once you get your account all these articles will be able to use the Google Adsense Publisher Id to generate income.