Quick Ways to Send and Receive Money Online

I guess you heard already about online marketers, eBay sellers, online shopping, and all other things that involve spending and earning through the internet. The agreement between the seller and buyer is what we called transaction. There are various ways to send and receive money online may it be personal or business:

2.Alert Pay
4.Credit Card


This is the most widely used secure and easy method of online transaction. Methods like this enable you to pay online without exposing your credit card numbers to the merchants. Paypal allows you to receive and send money online, conveniently and quickly. If you are a seller or a buyer, this is very useful for you, as well as if you are a freelancer, an affiliate or a publisher. Paypal also offers merchant and product services.

Expect that there will be transaction fees as well as withdrawal fees. But I can say their fees are reasonable enough, it’s not expensive but reasonable. For example in the Philippines, the flat fee is P15.00 PHP per transaction. Fees vary from domestic to cross-border transactions.

The withdrawal fee however, is free for P7, 000 PHP or more and is free at all in the U.S. In addition, there is a minimum withdrawal amount, which varies from currencies. For example, in Philippine Pesos, it’s P500 PHP; in U.S. Dollars, it’s $10.00 USD.

Remember: Make sure you enter your right country before signing up. Paypal service is available in 190 countries. You can do it by checking at the upper right side of the screen where you can find the country’s name and the country’s flag.


AlertPay is another convenient and quick method of sending and receiving money online may it be personal or business, only that it’s not widely used compared to Paypal. However, there are employers that would require an AlertPay account as a way of transaction, which is an advantage if you have one. AlertPay enables you to earn money through referrals. The same thing goes with Paypal, by the way.

Remember: In order to become AlertPay Verified follow the link in Message Center at the left bottom of the page once you log in your account and the follow instructions.


Xoom, so far is not widely known and used; I can say this must be what other people missed, if they still don’t know about this. Xoom allows users only to send money, unlike Paypal and AlertPay that offers send and receive services. It’s like Western Union or Moneygram except that Xoom is an online service. Sending money has never been as easy as this. As quoted, “You’ll never have to wait in line or leave the comfort of your own home.”

You pick your payment options: Paypal/Credit Card or U.S. Bank Account.
You pick how your recipient receives the money:
Direct Deposit/Cash Pick Up/Cash Delivery
Therefore, you can transfer your Paypal funds to your bank account, or cash pick up or even have it delivered into your own home.

Find out more on how to send money at xoom.

Credit Card

There are still marketers who only receive payments online through credit card in spite of the growing numbers of Paypal users. Let take for example Reader’s Digest. If you will buy a book or a magazine or a CD through their online website, they ask for your credit card information. And they don’t even have a Paypal option. As most people are afraid of, they don’t prefer using credit card online because it exposes their numbers to possible hoax merchants online.It’s secure to apply for services like Paypal or AlertPay, however, if you are using a credit card, make it sure you are not dealing with a scam. Use your credit cards only to popular or reliable services like Reader’s Digest.