Rajasthan Tenders And Opportunities For Business Houses

A hilly state on the western border of India, Rajasthan is also well known for its historical forts and monuments scattered throughout the state and mostly on various hilltops. It is also a state that is rich in heritage, cottage industries, and tourism. Construction, transport, handicraft, and tourism are some of the sectors where numerous Rajasthan tenders are floated from time to time. Aspirant entrepreneurs can take advantage of these tenders to promote their business and make substantial profits.

Rajasthan Tender Opportunities
It is not only major items for which Rajasthan tenders are floated. At times substantial opportunities are offered in respect of smaller items as well. A recent tender floated was on hologram stickers for affixing on some types of country liquor in the state. Some of the interesting features of the tender are as follows.

  • Hologram stickers will be affixed on country liquor.
  • Approximate value of the assignment is Rs.36 crores.
  • Size of holograms is only 50mm x 15mm and thickness is 36 micron.
  • Tender documents can be obtained from the office or online by depositing Rs.100 towards the cost of documents.
  • Bidders have to keep 2% of the project cost as security.

Both big and small opportunities come across the bidders in Rajasthan. Government of Rajasthan and Transport authorities float numerous Rajasthan tenders calling for both domestic and interstate biddings for carrying out the works and projects. In addition, several such opportunities are available in consultancy and accounting services.

Apart from the construction industries and related works opportunities are also available in the following fields –

  • Development works tenders.
  • Landscaping and horticultural works.
  • Development as well as maintenance of AIIMS.
  • Plantation works.
  • Maintenance works for existing and new structures.

Types of Rajasthan Tenders
Usually there are two types of Rajasthan tenders classified on the basis of the cost of documents. Some of them come free for which no cost is to be paid and the bids can be posted online or offline accordingly. However such tenders are few and far between. Most of the tenders come with stipulations for some costs towards the tender documents as well as security deposits for bidding. When the bid is successful, the security deposit is retained by the requesting agency. For others who fail to win the bid, the security deposits are refunded on requested.

Recent Trend of E-Tenders
These days there is a clear and pronounced trend towards e-procurement in Rajasthan. On the one hand floating Rajasthan tenders on the web helps the requesting authorities to get the best at the cheapest since there would be numerous bids and on the other hand bidders get the opportunity of bidding for the project without having to go to the place of bidding in person. This saves them substantial time, effort and money and the process thus have turned out to be mutually beneficial for both procurers and bidders.