The exercises to be performed for the practise of Rajayoga shall be described. After setting down in a comfortable posture the aspirant should start breathing exercises in a regulated manner. He has to fix how many seconds would be taken for inhalation and exhalation respectively, and stick to it. After practising this some time he can recite ‘Aum’ or some other invocation. While soing this, he will experience a sort of peace and total relaxation of the body mare than sleep. Even nerves strained and stressed to the maximum will be relaxed. Once this rest is experienced, the aspirant himself will feel that this is real rest and before this he never had rest. Gradually his facial expressions change, rough wrinkles disappear, the voice becomes sweet and pleasant. Swami Vivekananda once said that he had never met a yogi with coarse voice. These indications start to appear after some months of practise.

After practising the above-mentioned breathing exercise for some days, the aspirant shall go for a higher step. The lungs have to be filed in slowly with air through the lert nostril, concentrating on the flow of energy through the naadis. The flow will reach the lotus of moolaadhaara, the abode of Kundalini.

This flow has to be retained there for some time. Thin presume that the flow is being attracted to the opposite end and pass the air out through the right nostril.