Readbud Scam

I am sure that you have heard about this rewards program called Readbud. Basically you get paid to read and rate articles online. Sounds like a very good way to make money without too much effort. I have been a member of this website for about one year and earned the required fifty dollars for redemption of payment. I have redeemed my money several months ago and I am still waiting for a payment from Readbud. Now my account says that I have never even made a payout request.

Another problem with this website is that it is full of advertisements containing Trojan virus. Hopefully you have good antivirus protection on your computer. If you do not, I suggest that you do not visit this website because it will make your entire system shut down. Seriously, Readbud has much more viruses than a porn website. It is really ridiculous.

I have sent an email to the customer service of this website and I am still waiting for a reply from these scammers. This website owes me an additional fifteen dollars for rating articles after I requested payment. I do hope that they pay up. I will be more than happy to spread the word about their little scam.