Really, World? Really?! Episode Three-Trucks

I never had anything against trucks until recently. I just thought they were innocent but giant motor vehicles that just float around and prevent you from getting further or changing lanes on the highway. No big deal. Well, recently I have moved in to an apartment building next to an office building with a pizza restaurant called mellow mushroom at the bottom. Lots of my friends go there so I can capitalize on hanging out with whoever I want without warning them ahead of time. Here is the problem: at around one o clock in the morning, some trucks back in to mellow mushroom’s driveway and start making a lot of noise.

Nobody wants to be woken up at one in the morning, and considering my laziness, I’m get extremely angry when I hear these trucks come. You may be wondering, “What’s the big deal? Can’t you go back to sleep?” Well, here is the thing. I can’t go to bed for an hour after I wake up in the morning, just FYI. However, that is not the really big deal. The REALLY big deal is that these trucks end up being as annoying possible. First, when they come in, they slam on their brakes and they make that awkward screeching sound which nearly shatters your ear drums. After that, people who unload the trucks walk out and start conversing with each other. This is all happening at one o clock in the morning. I never imagined for one o clock to be social hour…. but okay, I guess. But what really ticks me off is incessant beeping.

Why do trucks beep when they back up? What is that point? If you can’t see a TRUCK backing in to you then you should probably have your vision checked. Yes, at around 1:30, these trucks start jamming on the bleep button. They start backing out, I’m trying to go to sleep, but all I hear is, “BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP….” I try not to go crazy and start punching furniture but it is very tough to do that. The only good thing is that the truck finally leaves and I don’t have to worry about being woken up by some guys trying to do unnecessary alarm clocking at 1 in the morning until the next night, where it happens all over again.

Seriously now, if mellow mushroom thinks that it is going to run out of food soon, wouldn’t it be a smart idea to get the trucks to come at sometime that is not at the middle of the freaking night? Maybe 8 am would do the trick, or just any time where mellow mushroom is not dishing out food. I bet that this new plan would probably save the truck drivers and my sanity some trouble.