Recommendations For Gluten-Free Food

Gluten is a protein that is located in cereals and wheat. Many of us eat Gluten in our daily life but have the difficulty to digest it on our bodies. Not only do our bodies hate the presence of Gluten, it can affect our health severely. Thousands of people also suffer from health effects that Gluten gives. These health effects are:

• Depression

• Aches and pains in bones

• Coeliac Disease

• Bowel cancer

• Arthritic symptoms

• Sleep problems

• Eczema

These health effects could mean that you are sensitive to Gluten. There are many people out there who suffer from Gluten Syndrome and it can change your life completely.

History of man’s Diet

Throughout the history of man, the main foods that were available were fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and some meat if man’s hunting was successful. Grasses were only introduced a couple thousand years ago so the quick change of diet was a little hard to get used to.

What should I do about Gluten?

Gluten can damage many parts of the body including the gut, skin and nerves. This is why you should consider removing Gluten out of your life. The changes will certainly be felt. By removing Gluten from you and your children’s diet, their lives will be filled with more happiness and joy. Study has shown that people who suffer from Gluten sensitivity will see a dramatic change to their eating habits by drawing closer to fruits and vegetables and suffer from reduced illnesses and fatigue.

Take Gluten out of your diet for a couple of weeks. The affects of Gluten should slowly fade away and you will feel it. After a few weeks, eat something which contains Gluten and see how your body reacts with it.

Below is a list of Gluten-free foods that you may wish to include in your diet. Not all fruits and vegetables are available throughout the year. However, various types are listed throughout each season.

Fruits and vegetables for Spring:

• Carrots

• Spring onions

• New potatoes

• Spring greens

• Lettuce

• Broad beans

• Spinach

• Rhubarb

Fruits and vegetables for Summer:

• Garden peas

• Mange tout

• Green beans

• Cucumber

• Lettuce

• Radishes

• Summer berries

• Cherries

• Plums

• Peppers

• Melons

• Apricots

Fruits and vegetables for Autumn:

• Wild mushrooms

• Sweetcorn

• Carrots

• Beetroot

• Cauliflower

• Broccoli

• Pears

• Chestnuts

• Leeks

• Figs

• Apples

• Almonds

• Turnips

• Cabbages

Fruits and vegetables for Winter:

• Onions

• Parsnips

• Nuts

• Leeks

• Swede

• Beetroot

• Apples

• Pumpkin

Will the Gluten affects fade away?

Eventually, the Gluten affects should disappear after a few weeks. The changes are certainly worth the effort. Eat these seasonal fruits and vegetables daily and your body will soon live with it.

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