Recommended Free Software!

These are some handy and must have free software programs that I recommend for a lot of people! These are just a few of a lot of good free programs. More will follow later..

  1. Antivirus
    A good antivirus is a must for everyone that is a lot in contact with the internet. If you pay for anantivirus it costs tons of money, and you need to pay monthly or yearly fees. And some people don’t want to pay that much and just don’t use any antivirus. But there are a few good free antivurusses on the market! I recommend Avast Free or AVG Free. 
  2. Webbrowser
     every internet user a good webbrowser is a must. It must be easy to use and control. A few very good webbrowsers are Firefox and Google Chrome. 

  3. OpenOffice
     is a very good program, and a good replacement for Microsoft Office if you don’t want to pay for it. It is able to work with almost all extensions that Microsoft Office works with. It is a very cheap alternative, and not a bad one!
  4. VLC Mediaplayer
     knows the problems, when media files don’t work on some programs. That is because most of the programs don’t have the right codecs to play all of the media files. VLC Mediaplayer supports almost every codec  there is. 
  5. Skype
    Skype is a free to use voice communication software. It is very good for conferences! It is free to use and you are able to call up to 7 people with the conference call function. Also the chatfunction and the possibility to send files easily to all the people in the conversation makes this software complete!