Recovery of Data From Windows Error

A Windows error message is not only a nuisance for the user but if it were to contain some data that is critical to the business or even some very dear multimedia files, your problems compound. Infact, you are more bothered about the safety of those files saved in the computer’s hard drive than fixing the error. This situation calls for the use of Windows data recovery software that can recover the data from any kind of data loss. You still need to try and fix the error first and that involves understanding its cause and then trying out the resolution methods.


You try to log on to one of the domains of your Windows 2000 computer and receive the following message:-

STOP: c000021a (Fatal System Error)”


This is a problem in which the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your computer has a length of exactly 200 bytes. When the logon process is initiated, one character more than 200 bytes is written which leads to heap corruption.


You need to install the latest service pack for Windows 2000 to fix this problem. There is another way of working around this problem. All you need to do is to make your domain name one character less. You can use the local administrator of your computer to do this as the particular domain is not accessible.

This particular error was caused by a bug in Windows which was fixed by the subsequent service pack. Since, it is not a very complicated process to work around this problem, you can rest assured about it. At times the problems become more complex and you need to implement some very complex procedures to fix it. In case your attempts at Windows recovery do not work out, you can always use software which can recover your data.

Third-party software for fixing the Windows errors make it very easy to recover data that are deleted, lost due to formatting or just been rendered inaccessible. You should select a reliable source for it, perhaps a software company in this field with years of experience.

Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software have proven to be very effective in its task. These software have rich and easy-to-grasp user interface which are very useful in extracting data from any kind of logical errors. The innovative features of disk imaging enable scanning of even bad sectors very efficiently.