Recycle: The Answer to Earth's Problem

You’ve heard the cliche before: “Recycling will save the Earth . . . blah blah blah”. Many people believe that it has little impact on the enviroment, but that’s because they lack the understanding of nature and its surroundings. The truth is that nature depends on cleansliness. When people are throwing empty soda cans out of their cars on the highway interstate, they are destroying the earth. Not just the area where decided to litter, but the entire world. This is because the whole “biodegradable” thing is of fraud. This theory is not true about every product, only companies that announce it as the truth because their prodeucts really are bidegradable. 

Something that really bums me out about society is the careless that each human being in possesion of. Even the sweetest of people refuse to respect the Earth and it’s natural laws. The simple facts remain. If you dump 10,000 pounds of waste in the ocean, there are going to be some seriously mutated fish and aquatic animals 20 to 30 years down the road. It’s just the way it is.

We must throw away our plastic bottles, glass containers, and empty cans in the proper containers to ensure that they get recycled. We need to help our planet now more than ever before. I cannot stress these facts enough. We are destroying the ozone layer with our waste. This world has turned into a disaster of sorts and we need to reverse our direction into success before our land is completely worn out, I know that this sounds extreme and over the top, but we have to believe in something. We need to teach the coming generations about taking care of the enviroment.