Rediffmail – a Review

I started using rediffmail many years ago and fortunately never had it as my primary email id.

When it started it seemed fast to load and easy to navigate through.

But that’s where any goodness ends!

I have had 2 major problems with rediffmail and these have prevented me from using it as a primary email id.

Firstly, a lot of email sent to my email id simply never reached – it wasn’t in my inbox, trash, junk or spam folders. This was the principal reason I chose not to use this id for work, friends or anything even remotely important. I could not register on sites as confirmation emails never reached anywhere!

Secondly, the spam feature is totally illogical. Important email or even system emails from rediff ends up in my spam folder. Emails I mark as safe still end up in the spam folder. And needless to say, my inbox is cluttered with obvious spam!

Are you wondering why I still use it? i primarily use it as my paypal id is on my rediffmail and hence  can’t shut this down.

I still have a few sites on which I am registered with my rediffmail id. I use it as a safekeep email when trying out new sites etc!

On the positive side, the layout and navigation are fairly easy except for adscan be annoying. The emails open quite fast and speed is good.

Downtime has never been too much – I think just a few occasions of downtime.

There have been a couple of other dodgy things about the email id – popups and a few viruses. Although it says all emails are scanned, I have had at least one serious virus when i simply opened an email – i did not even doad anything!

I know a lot of people use the email id without a glitch and i would not really says it’s useless. Also rediff as such is a great portal especially for Indian news.

Have any of d better luck with rediffmail?