Refurbished Fitness Equipment: Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review

Are you beginning on a journey to physical fitness? Then it might be your intention to begin attending a gym or a fitness club. But if you’re cutting down on costs and don’t have the time to go to a health club then perhaps you might be interested in purchasing refurbished fitness equipment. The following is some data concerning Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine. Indoor rowing machines, presently referred to as ergometers are a kind of fitness equipment which can replicate watercraft rowing and is a great cardio fitness machine particularly for people that can’t comfortably use high impact exercise equipment which may cause some deterioration to the knee joints.


8 of 10 stars

Chief Components:

• Designed with a distinctive Performance Monitor

• Is made with a removable Log Card for logging your fitness routine information

• Works perfectly with Polar receiver (optional)

• Uses USB interface to transfer material to the PC

Selling Price: Around £1,049.00 to £1,124.00

Product Description:

The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is the most popular fitness equipment that has found its way to gyms, rowing clubs and even Olympic training facilities worldwide. This is ground-breaking fitness work out equipment that looks wonderful and also allows you to exercise a lot of different muscle groups at the same time. The railings are made of aluminium and the track is made from stainless steel which provides more effective and smooth leg motion. It is also equipped with ergonomic handles to simulate the feeling of actually rowing on the water. It additionally is equipped with flex foot rests which adapt without difficulty for extra durability and comfort. And because it is fan engineered, you will be guaranteed that the noise level is low and you can say focused and enthused. The spiral damper which is actually joined to the flywheel lets you take control of the drag factor with the easiest being 1 (sleek, fast boat) and the most taxing being 10 (slow, heavy boat). Although lots of people feel that 4.5 more closely reminds you of the water. Frame lock construction will separate this exerciser into 2 different pieces so that you can store it and move it more easily. Even if it is refurbished fitness equipment, it may still yet offer you the most efficient, low impact, full physique workout.

Product Features & Specifications:

• Automatic battery powered LCD console which will work without even pressing a button

• Provides exact details for meters, calories burned, speed, average pace, distance, preset workouts, elapsed time, watts, projected finish and memory recall function

• Displays 5 selections: this would include force curve, rowing pace boat, power plot, all data and large print – these selections even display graphs for every single stroke

• Constructed with extruded aluminium for optimal strength

• Is manufactured with caster wheels to make transporting easier

• It is 243 cm long, with a maximum width of 60 cm and a seat height of 50cm

• Its weight is 30kg

• Store measurements are 68cm long x 120 cm wide x 139 cm high

• Its maximum user weight is 500lbs

Warranty Info:

12 months warranty on the parts, plus free delivery


This Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is a good bargain for your money. Refurbished fitness equipment has never looked so fantastic. You can hardly tell the difference. You pay less but get the same full body workout. So don’t hesitate—get it now!

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