Remember me Film Review

Tyler is a college student in New York and he is having a hard time trying to come to terms with his brothers death and the fact their family fell apart after it. He tries to get on with life but always has his brother on his mind. His best friend and room mate is a good distraction for him but it is on a night out with him that they end up getting arrested for trying to help a man being beaten up. Tyler is a little cheeky to the police officer and as a result of this he gets a beating from him. Flat mate Aiden then discovers that the police officer has a daughter at the same college and persuades Tyler to go on a date with her to get revenge on her father.

Ally is the daughter and she too has problems, when she was 19 she witnessed her mother being murdered and as a result has a strained relationship with her father, she also tries to live each day to the full, so does agree to go out with Tyler when he asks.

The pair seem to be getting on very well and they have genuine feelings for each other but with both of them having troubled family lives and the fact that Tyler only asked her out to get back at her Dad can their relationship last and will they be able to help each other?

I have wanted to watch this film for some time now for the fact the trailers made it out to look good and that Robert Pattinson was also playing the lead role. After managing to talk hubby into giving this film a go we were both left slightly disappointed with it. The story never seemed to move and we struggled to actually find much of a story for the first half of the film, the characters just seemed to be plodding along together with no real meaning or purpose. It was only towards the end of the film when it really started to get going and I have to say the end really did come as a shock to me.

The acting was only very average for me and I would have liked a lot more emotion from the characters to really be able to feel what they were going through and to be able to connect with them but it never happened. Robert Pattinson played the lead role of Tyler and he was not too bad in the role. It was nice to actually see him move away from the Vampire he played in other films and to be human. His character was a hard one to understand, he was grieving and I understood this but there were moments when I could not work him out, he would be at home depressed and drinking and then he would be back to normal with his little sister despite only moments ago and a short bike ride from being drunk at home, I would have liked more separation to the different emotions from him. He did do a good job of putting some emotion into his lines when speaking of his brother but there was no connection with the character of Ally to make them genuine or real. The role of Ally was played by Emilie DeRavin and she was a little too weak for me, there were times when she came across well but the majority she was weak and never thought she gave her lines much feeling or conviction. She looked good and I was able to understand her but I wanted her to give so much more, especially when trying to help Tyler or when speaking of her mothers murder.

Fortunately we did have some good support roles and the one which stood out the most for me was that of Tyler’s father, played by Pierce Brosnan, he was a high powered business man and he was so much better at getting me to warm to him and to be able to understand him. The way he hid his feelings came across as very true and he for me was the strongest of the cast. Other actors included, Leno Olin, Ruby Jerins and Tate Ellington.

The film was set in 2001 and I am glad that we had the date come up at the start of the film as I would not have been able to work this out, the clothes were no different from what is worn today as the scenery and props were also no different from the modern ones. The sets were all very good and I did enjoy seeing some of New York but perhaps a little more of the skyline would have been good. The music was not overly important in this film and not at all memorable and I am now unable to remember a single track played.

The DVD which we have does have some bonus footage which includes, Revealing audio commentaries with Robert Pattinson, director Allen Coulter and other cast members, plus a Behind the scenes Featurettes that takes you inside the making of this touching film. I am not a fan of bonus features and the film did not make enough of an impact for me to want to watch these, so I am not able to make comment on them. The running time of the film is 108 minutes and I did find this to be quite long enough as there was a distinct lack of story at the start of the film. The rate is a 12 and I do agree with this. The DVD is available for around the £5 mark in most shops and on line.

I am sorry to only be able to give this film 3 stars as I wished it to be so much better, the story was so slow for the first half and the acting from some was very weak. There was a lack of emotion which would have made this film slightly more powerful and for me even though I enjoyed the latter half and the shock ending I just would not advise buying the DVD. If you are able to watch this on the TV for free then I would say to give it a go them but otherwise it is not a very memorable one at all.