Remove Tape From Painted Doors

If you try to pull tape from a painted surface, some of the paint may stick to the adhesive and come off with it. You can easily remove tape and remaining adhesive residue with strong solvents; however this poses a problem for painted surfaces as well–many solvents dissolve paint and will damage a painted door. You must instead use a product that loosens the adhesive without harming the integrity of the painted surface–fortunately, such a product exists, is readily available and easy to use. This product is WD-40.

Extinguish open flames in the area before you begin. Fumes from WD-40 are flammable.

Spray WD-40 on the tape, covering the entire piece. Allow this to sit for a minute undisturbed.

Gently scratch and try to lift one corner of the tape with your fingernail (if your fingernails aren‘t long enough, use a thin dull blade–just be careful not to scratch the paint). If it lifts easily, gently pull the tape off the door. If it does not lift easily, spray the tape again with WD-40 and wait another minute before attempting this–if you pull the tape before the adhesive has loosened, you might pull some of the paint up with the tape.

Dampen a soft cloth in warm water. Wipe the cloth over the area to remove any remaining WD-40. asserts that this product safely removes not only adhesives, but other sticky substances (sap and tar, for example) from painted surfaces (see ref. ). You can also try using lighter fluid or mineral oil to remove tape from a painted surface. If you use lighter fluid, ventilate the area especially well as it is of course very flammable. Lift a corner of the tape up, if possible, and drip a bit of lighter fluid between the tape and door–the fluid will start dissolving the adhesive bond immediately. To use mineral oil, rub it over the tape with a cotton swab or cotton ball and let it sit for a few minutes before pulling the tape up.