Retail Marketing At It's Finest


To me, anyone selling products or services through a website owns a retail store. The buyers come in, they browse, and they walk out… with or without buying.

First, you need to get them IN to the store.

Then you need to make it easy for them to browse and find what they are looking for (or guide them down the ‘aisles’ you want them to shop from.

The best part about the internet retail stores?

You can use your words to compel them to buy.

Most retail stores offline use inexperienced sales people. With your website, and a little training on how to sell via the written word, you can master the art and science of convincing qualified people to buy what you sell.

Once you have a master “sales script” written for your website, you can pile in the people and have your words do all the selling for you.

Here is the PERFECT example of an offline retail store leveraging the power of words… and the blockbuster sales they got as a result.

Do 500 men love their wives?
In 1934 a florist (B. Altman @ Company) ran an advertisement that went like this:

“We believe there are 500 men in New York who love their wives… and want to give them flowers for Easter

So… we’ve provided 500 old-fashioned bouquets… ready now and packed in beautiful boxes. They’re just inside the Fifth Avenue entrance… all at one price and that one price very easily to afford” ($2.50)





500 bouquets sold in 3 hours = 170 PER HOUR!

So, yes.

The reason why this is mentioned here?

Could YOU not find a way to make this work? >

You are appealing to an upcoming holiday – one typically not thought of by men that often as a reason to give flowers. [hint: Thanksgiving AND Halloween are both great reasons for a promotion]

You are appealing to the simple nature of men… make is EASY to buy (packaging done – right inside the door – one price – not expensive… all of these make it EASY to buy).

How could you run a special bundle promotion for Halloween or thanksgiving?

Not hard to figure out is it?

“Thanks for being a great customer – – here is a special offer just for you. Offer good until midnight on

Thanksgiving day.”

Think it through – and get your promotions going!