Review: Speck Candyshell Case For Ipod Touch 2G

Speck has established itself as one of the most well-known and well-liked case manufacturers of cases for all portable Apple devices and other cellphones and laptops, so it’s no surprise that one of their flagship products for the iPod Touch has won universal praise. A simple search on Google for “Speck” will garner you an overwhelming number of positive reviews for most all of their products. And I have to say, for the asking price of $25 for the Speck Candyshell, the mix of both rubber protection on the inside of case to insure shock protection along with an outside of hard plastic makes this case a must buy for most anyone looking for total protection for their iPod.

Along with the case, a screenshield is also included in the packaging as is a cleaning cloth and the instruction manual. A limited one year warranty is also included to cover both any initial problems and things other than normal wear and tear.

The Speck Candyshell currently has four different color combinations; blue, black, white, and a “pink-ish” color. In a different color is a ring of firm rubber around the screen in order to protect the bezel of your iPod, which also gives the case a lay on the table design. Overall, all the color combinations are vibrant and the glossy finish on the back of the case insures it stays that way.

The case itself is very durable and very protective. The rubberized plastic directly covers every part of your iPod, excluding you bottom. Contrary to what I originally thought, I haven’t found any problems with the case not protecting this part of my iPod. In fact, because the bottom of my iPod is open, almost all sized of headphone adapters fit into the headphone jack. I originally had a problem with the Switcheasy Capsule Rebel because my Grado SR60i’s couldn’t fit into iPod due to the oversized plastic above the adapter of my headphones. I’ve had no such problems with the Candyshell. All buttons are easily accessible and protected too.

The glossy finish on the back of the case, while not totally scratch resilient, makes the iPod slide in and out of your pocket easily, and makes is easy to hold in your hand. The case can slide across a table because the case is so smooth. There is an indent for the word “Speck” and the Speck logo on the back of the case, but I’ve never had that get in the way.

In conclusion, the Speck Candyshell for the iPod Touch 2G and 3G is a must buy. The mix between the shock protection of a silicone case and the scratch protection of a hard shell case make it unique and well fitted for anyone. You could buy it for $35 off of, but I was able to easily get it for far less with just a little looking around online. Some people have complained of troubles taking the case off their iPod, but a video has been put out by Speck explaining the correct way to do so. Buy this case without worry.