Review: Streaks for the iPod Touch

Streaks is an iPod/iPhone application that is copyrighted to Fanzter, Inc. The basic design of this program is to keep track of how long you do or do not do something. For instance, if you want to write one Associated Content article a day and want to keep track of each day you complete this objective, you would open your Associated Content calendar and mark an “x” for the day. It will then keep track of your streak or how many days you do that behavior. If you miss a day, the streak will end and start back over.

Streaks allows you to create multiple calendars so you can track as many things as you want; smoking, eating out, writing, etc. You use the swiping motion to go from calendar to calendar but instead of a side-to-side motion, you would do an up/down motion.

The calendar itself is customizable to appear as paper or as a chalkboard. The interface with the calendar is simple. You simple touch the day you completed your objective, it will mark an “x” on that day and calculate your streak. Streaks will not only calculate your current streak but will also keep track of your longest streak as well.

The settings button is where you would go to create and manage your calendars. You can choose your theme here and whether or not to have an icon badge. When you create your calendar you are given the option of how often you want to do that task. For example are you keeping track of it daily? Do you do something once a week?

The programmers for this application took a simple concept and turned it into a fantastic application. It has a good user interface. The learning curve to use this program is extremely easy. You can even choose the option to share your streak with your friends. This is good if you want to brag or want accountability such as if you are quitting smoking with a friend.

While it is not a free program, the cost isn’t prohibitive. The uses for this program are endless. You should definitely check Streaks out.

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