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Leaky cloth diapers and diapers that stay stinky even after washing can be a huge frustration to the natural parent. Parents seeking out a solution can look to RLR Laundry Treatment . This easy-to-use laundry additive is safe for all fabrics as well as covers treated with PUL.

What RLR Is and Is Not

RLR Laundry Treatment is a laundry additive that enhances fabric quality. It is not a soap, bleach, bluing agent, or detergent. It can be used on both white and colored fabrics without harm. RLR contains no phosphates or perfumes and is a biodegradable product.

How the Laundry Treatment Works

Often what happens during normal washing routines is that water mineral deposits , dirt, and particles of detergent gets trapped in the fabric. For clothing this is often seen as discolored or faded fabrics after washings.

RLR added to the wash removes all the residue trapped within the fabric and suspends it in the water. The unwanted particles are prevented from being redeposited and are washed away in the rinse cycle. RLR was made with the intention of being used once a month to help clothing appear vibrant and clean.

Why It Works To Improve Wicking or Smelly Cloth Diapers

One of the biggest culprits that cause wicking diapers and diapers to have an “ammonia” smell is that detergent residue and other particles prevent the cloth diaper from working as they typically should. This can cause problems for nappies in three ways.

  1. It can decrease the amount of urine the soaker can absorb.
  2. It degrades the waterproof layer of covers.
  3. When urine combines with the residue, it can make for a most unpleasant odor. As mentioned, RLR removes this residue from the cloth diaper. It will improve the absorbency of soakers and help prevent wicking.

When to Add RLR Laundry Treatment to Nappy Washing Routine

It is not necessary to use RLR during every washing of cloth diapers. Parents who use cloth diapers may only want to use RLR when problems crop up, or on a monthly basis as a preventative measure.

RLR should be added to a hot washing cycle. If one were to peak in the washing machine, they would see a foamy mass of suspended particles in the water.

Who Created the Product that Improves Nappy Quality

RLR is manufactured by Cadie Products Corporation housed in Paterson, New Jersey. Cadie makes a variety of home products that focus on household cleaning. RLR Laundry Treatment can be found selling from $0.99 to $1.99, depending on the retailer

Who Recommends RLR for Cloth Diapers

Lisa, founder of Happy Heiny’s, recommends RLR for her cloth pocket diapers. Joanne, of Zannadu Cloth Diapering Solutions also has sold RLR with confidence in the product.

RLR Laundry Treatment can be a quick fix to the pain-in-the-butt problem of leaky, smelly cloth diapers. It is a simple solution to a frustrating problem.