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RNRL (Reliance Natural Resource Limited) is the most attention grabbing company of all in the ADAG (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group) companies. Anil Ambani as the major shareholder, the share price of RNRL has seen a rollercoaster ride, raising the lives of some people and drowning some other people who traded this stock. RNRL stock now quotes at a peaceful price between 80-90.

RNRL share price was the finest example of one that is more volatile than any other stock in the Indian stock markets. On both Bombay stock exchange as well as National stock exchange RNRL is listed since its IPO in 2005.

Find out real time value of RNRL shares, RNRL Share Price (RNRL Share Value) or RNRL Stock Quote at NSE India Site.


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The intraday chart can be found from the same NSE site by going to below URL:


RNRL Shares Intraday Chart | RNRL Stock Intraday Chart

If you cannot access the site of nseindia, then you can also try the rediff site as well. This is for both real time quote as well as intraday chart.
RNRL share price and intraday chart

Find a nice candlestick chart of RNRL since May 2009 by going to below URL:

RNRL candlestick chart for four months:

https://www.icharts.in/ChartBuilderold.php?symbol=rnrl&period=Daily&start_date=2009-12-02&end_date=2010-05-28&log_chart=&color_bars=1&chart_theme=CHART_THEME_CREAM&chart_size=800 X 400&chart_type=CANDLES&uind1=EMA&uind1_param=Close,20&uind2=EMA&uind2_param=Close,50&uind3=None&uind3_param=&lind1=VOL&lind1_param=&lind2=None&lind2_param=&lind3=None&lind3_param=

This long URL for RNRL price chart from 2 Dec. 2009 to 28 May 2010 is shortened to below URL which can be clicked easily:


Alternatively you can get the RNRL chart with bars, lines or candlesticks of the color of your choice and other Technical Analysis tools by going to the below site and entering the symbol RNRL. You can also change the from and to dates for the chart. Check RNRL History at:

RNRL at Moneycontrol site offers user (mostly stock traders/investors) information along with quotes at its profile page on rnrl moneycotrol.

The value of RNRL shares are same at both Bombay stock exchange (BSE) and National stock exchange (NSE). As NSE is the most traded exchange it is better to track its real time quotes from NSE sites.

The stock value of RNRL has gone up from 10 rupees all the way to 250 rupees in 2008. There are lot of people including major and retail investors who invested in this stock well before this phenomenal rise. Though many people including Anil Ambani himself enjoyed the ride of this stock, there were many who couldn’t.

The stock since January 2008 plummetted all the way from 250 to 40 in October 2008. Now RNRL stock quotes at 80-90 rupees. At one point of time during the bull market peak, it was the hottest of all the stocks on BSE and NSE. Now it is a motionless stock with too many questions in the minds of its shareholders.

RNRL has also launched a mutual fund called RNRL mutual fund, also Reliance Natural Resources Fund just after the 2008 meltdown started. This fund had really collected a huge deal of investment from indian households and highworth investors alike. The most updated nav of RNRL mutual fund can be found at rnrl mutual fund nav. But the navs (net asset values) of all Reliance based mutual funds can be found at their official site.

The Rnrl share price has reached a small peak in the month of May 2009 when many other stocks did pretty well. Since then it was waiting for the settlement of problems with RIL in their contract about getting Gas from RIL. The case is still going on.

Update on 19 March 2010: Currently the case is in favor of Reliance (Mukesh Ambani) and RNRL (of Anil Ambani) is at a disadvantage. Due to this the stock was lazy during this time since many months when the broader market witnessed a bull run up.

Don’t worry. RNRL has future. In the short term it is affected. But its core business will drive its growth in the next uptrend. There is no latest news on RNRL currently. So keep your fingers crossed if planning to trade it.

Update on 5 September 2010: Currently RNRL reached lowest point (LTP at 38.9) and just bouncing off the bottom. A short term trend reversal will take it upto 48 or 50 Rs price. It is a little opportunity to trade this stock for profit. But for the long term it is in for more pain if it does not cross above the moving averages after reaching 50.

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