Roaming Midas in Our Streets

Beware of Midas roaming in the streets! Yes, the modern Midas flying everywhere on the streets of Indian cities, especially in South India, finds it very easy to run away with the gold he can touch. Whatever he touches is gold! Or rather, he touches only gold! Easily he can snatch away the gold from our ladies, who are very particular about showing their glamour in gold! Robbery and burglary for gold have been steadily on the increase for the past few months. Data about recent gold crimes are alarming. Everyday shocking details of crimes are filling the pages of newspapers. But still neither the police nor the public are serious about it!

Indian Women’s Craving for Gold

Nowhere in the world can anyone find such women craving for gold. In the South Indian state of Kerala, there are women who change the fashions of their ornaments almost every month! Thrissur is called the Gold City, because of its abundance in jewelry. From head to foot the whole body is decorated with varieties of ornaments like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. Media channels play a cunning game in preying these craving women, who fall into their inescapable snares of promoting the gold business! It is a cultural must in Kerala for children and women to wear at least a golden chain on the neck!

India has been the largest consumer of gold in the international market! Not only people, nowhere in the world we can find gold offered to Gods with so much generosity.

Increase in Gold Price

The price of gold is alarmingly increasing both in the national and international markets. The World Bank statistics say that there is more demand for gold than the actual production. It is very unfortunate that the price of gold has doubled within three years, making people crazier about gold.

Why Such a Demand for Gold?

1. The international market is decided by the stock of gold.

2. The increase in the interest rates is another reason for the price increase of gold. The interest rates correlate with the gold price increase.

3. The declining trend of dollar results in investing in alternative assets such as gold, real estate, share market, etc. Last year there has been an increase of about 30 percent in gold price.

Inviting Circumstances

1. It is the suitable situations that invite the culprits for committing crimes. For example, the situation in Kerala is very convenient for the culprits to execute their plans easily.

2. In Kerala, individual houses are separated and are mostly invisible to their neighbors. The criminals can easily judge the houses with lights on during the day or with newspapers thrown out that the occupants are away and break open without any difficulty. Or they can watch the members of the household whom they can easily threaten with a knife or weapon!

3. Most of the houses are occupied by elderly people as their husbands or sons are abroad in money making! Nowadays people are too busy to hear anybody’s alarming cry!

4. The culprits know all the loopholes which can bring their loot easily without much risk.

5. Moreover, who dares to dial the phone number 100 and entangle into unnecessary troubles caused by the police and court? If at all one dares to face all these difficulties, the culprit escapes easily and continues his profession without any hesitation.

Easiest Wealth to Carry

Gold has become easier to be handled than currency and other wealth resources. They can in no time convert into currency. There are brokers waiting for such easy booty!

A sovereign today costs nearly seventeen thousand rupees which can easily be snatched away from a baby or an elderly person with some frightening!

Roaming Midas

Whatever Midas in mythology touched, tuned into gold- everything that he touched, including his daughter! Here the roaming Midas touches only gold! The criminals make money very easily, though in the wrong way, as everything comes to their hands easily and nobody bothers about it! Neither the loser, as he/she is not ready to face the worst ordeals of the police department, nor the police department who have other sources of income through regular bribery!

Gandhiji’s Dream

Gandhiji, the Father of free India, once told about his dream of the Indian women wearing gold. “The country can be considered free only when a woman, wearing golden ornaments all over her body, can walk alone through the streets at night, without any trouble.”

But now even a small particle of gold is under threat because of these roaming robbers even during the day time!

Who is going to check this Roaming Midas?