Run a 10K For Newbies At Once

The first thing is to go online and print out a bunch of inspirational quotes. At some time you will want to quit and this will help keep you going until you get that runner’s high.

The next step is to make a music CD or download music to your IPOD. This should be quick paced run and fast music. This will help you keep your mind active as your are running and loose track of time so that you can go further.

The next step is to take a single run. Run as far as you are able and then calculate this distance.

For the first week make a commitment to run that distance for 6 days and take one day off. You may be getting a runner’s high and want to do more, but avoid this instinct. The worst thing that can happen is pulling a muscle or damaging your knee (both of which I have done) and then being prevented from running for a few weeks.

The next week commit to running one more meter than before for 4 days, two more meters than before for 1 day and take two days off. Repeat this pattern every week until you are running 5 meters every day.

Now for 4 weeks run 5 meters one day, 3 meters another two days, 4 meters the fourth day and 7 meters the fifth day with 2 days off.

Once you are comfortable with the above schedule replace one of the 3 meter days with running up hills or doing training up stairs. Many schools have football stadiums that are great for running stairs.