Runescape Fletching Guide

Before I start I would like to mention that for every section you have the option to either buy or chop your logs, but I highly suggest that you buy if you are really serious about getting 99 fletching you buy your logs as they speed up the levels very fast not to mention that to get 99 fletching one of the sections requires around 80,000 logs.

Levels 1-10

For these levels you will need to make shafts (no heads or feathers attached) and you need to use 234 logs to get 10 fletching.

Levels 10-25

You will be fletching longbows(u)

You need to use 670 logs to get 25 fletching.

Levels 25-40

You will be fletching oak longbows(u)

You need 1176 oak logs to get 40 fletching. This may seem like a lot but it goes by really fast it only took me about 30 minutes at the very most.

Levels 40-99

Now there are two different ways to get 99:

You can either go from level 40- level 70 making willow longbows(u) which means you will make 8,439 willow logs.

or 40-55 with willows which is 1,560 willow logs and then 55-70 with maple longbows(u) which is 4,902 maple logs.

The choice is yours but it is much quicker to use maples

Now you have to go from 70-99 with either

yew longbows (strung) to 99 which is 81,979 yew logs and the same amount of bow strings.

Or yews longbows (strung) to 85 which is 16,804 yew logs and the same amount of bow strings and then 85-99 with magic longbows (strung) which is 53,420 magic logs and bow strings.

Pros and Cons of Yews

-Not as fast experience

-A good high alch

-Not too hard to sell

-MUCH cheaper than mages

Pros and Cons of Mage Logs

-Sell relatively fast

-More experience per bow, faster time

-good for high alchs


So really it’s up to you which path you take.


Here is a little table, showing how long you will need to spend fletching for each bracket of levels. Generally, each inventory making (u) Bows takes 50 Seconds. Stringing 14 bows strung takes 17 seconds.

NOTE: All of these times DO NOT include banking.

1-10 (shafts)

Total: 109 Minutes

10-25 (longbows)

Total: 21 Minutes

25-40 (oaks)

Total: 35 Minutes

40-70 (willows)

Total: 520 Minutes

40-55 (willows)

Total: 95 Minutes

55-70 (maples)

Total: 302 Minutes

70-99 (yews [stringing])

Total: 2530 Minutes (for making [u]bows)

Total: 1658 Minutes (for stringing the [u]bows)

Grand Total Time: 4188 Minutes

70-85 (yews [stringing])

Total: 518 Minutes (for making [u]bows)

Total: 340 Minutes (for stringing the [u]bows)

Grand Total Time: 858 Minutes

85-99 (mages [stringing])

Total: 1648 Minutes (for making [u]bows)

Total: 1080 Minutes (for stringing the [u]bows)

Grand Total Time: 2728 Minutes

Now thats all I have to say although you may want to spend sometime doing other skills joining an active clan chat and talking or watching T.V. Or anything else to kill time while you fletch.