Runescape Guide to Magic Spells

Magic is one of the most useful skills in the realm of Runescape. As with ranging, players with magic experience can attack monsters with any level from behind a barrier, without risking the loss of health. Magic is also useful for a variety of other tasks, from teleportation to enchanting jewelry to performing alchemy. Truly, magic is a valuable and multipurpose skill, and at the heart of this skill are magic spells.

Spells are performed with magical objects called runes. There are opportunities for obtaining runes all over Runescape; they are frequently dropped by monsters after death, and can be crafted at a rune altar or bought from several magic shops or the Grand Exchange. There are four basic types of runes: air, water, earth, and fire. These are used in conjunction with mind, chaos, death, body, cosmic, nature, and law runes to perform the multifarious spells available to Runescape players. These spells can be accessed with the spell book icon the right of the computer screen; if a player has the experience and runes necessary to perform a spell, then its icon will light up. There are four different kinds of spells: attack, enchantment, alchemy, and teleportation.

Attack spells are further divided into four categories: strikes, bolts, blasts, and curses. Strikes are the lowest spells, and use air, mind, and other runes to attack (for example, a fire strike uses three fire, two air, and one mind rune). Bolts are medium spells and use air, chaos, and other runes to attack. Blasts are the highest spells and use air, death, and other runes to attack. Curses fall somewhere in between the other three types, and use body and other runes for various curses against opponents, like weakening or freezing them in place.

Enchantment spells are used to enchant jewelry and give it magical properties. Cosmic runes are used in every enchantment; sapphire jewelry requires additional water runes, emerald jewelry requires additional air runes, ruby jewelry requires additional fire runes, and diamond jewelry requires additional earth runes. Enchanted jewelry, especially amulets, are useful for other skills as well, like defense and strength.

Alchemy spells are used to change items into something else. Nature runes are used in all alchemy spells. The low-level and high-level alchemy spells convert objects into coins (high-level gives more money than low-level does). The bones-to-bananas and bones-to-peaches convert all the bones in a player’s inventory into fruit, which is useful when sources of food are far away. The superheat spell turns ore into bars of metal without a furnace.

Teleportation spells are used to move instantaneously from one place to another. These spells let players go to major cities, like Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador, and they always use law runes. In addition, the telekinetic grab spell lets players take items that they can see but can’t reach.

Several items of clothing will increase magical ability, like an amulet of magic or wizard’s robes in either black or blue. Armor, on the other hand, will decrease magical ability in combat. Players can also buy elemental staffs, which give an infinite supply of a certain type of rune while they are wielded.

With such a wide variety of useful spells, magic is certainly a skill that every player will want to develop.