Runescape, How to merchant. Part 2


This one is relativly easy, for instance if there’s going to be a pvp update, then it’s almost certain pvp sets are going to rise, which means the a cash crop. But 5-10 sets of rune or addy then when the update comes you’ve made a lot of money depending on how many sets you bought. This way isn’t that risky because if items don’t rise you can always sell them back. Lots of people have made millions this way e.g. buying party hats and then the price begins to rise.

Clans/Pump and dump scheme

This one is a little bit more risky people have lost lots of money this way, it’s clan merchanting, you can either join a clan or make your own. I myself don’t like clans, because of the money they scam from people, but if you join a clan I suggest dumping maybe a day or two earlier just to reduce the risk of losing profit (You’ll get extremely hated by doing this, don’t tell anyone). I wouldn’t do that if the clan is where everyone knows each other and aren’t likely to scam you. The way it works is everyone in the clan buys an item for max price then when the price rises maybe twice what they started at they dump it, meaning they sell it in the GE. This way can double or even triple your money, or you’ll lose a lot.

If you missed the first part go and check it out, tell me what you think of this guide so far.            Part 1            Part 3