Runescape money making guide Page 5

Runecrafting- Runecrafting is not a good way to make money until you hit level 60+. This is where you start to make enough air runes to make it worth it! Until then it is merely training or at best breaking even. You will need to get an air tiara and mine or buy as much rune essense as you can, you must also have completed the rune mysteries quest. Once you have done this you need to go to falador and be sure to put your tiara on and get a full inventory of essense. Now go south of teh falador east bank until you get to the T in the road and go left you will see the air alter, alternatively you can use the air tiara to show you! Now you simply go to the alter and use the talisman on it and all your rune essense will be turned into air runes, sometimes more air runes then rune essense depending on your level! Once you hit 60 you can make a nice profit on this or just easily get mage levels! A second way to dot his method is to get runners it works best with 2-4 runners, you get an air tiara (always) you also withdraw some gp and all your rune essese but noted! Now you trade each runner 25 unoted rune essense for 25 noted rune essense and a bit of cash! This way you can rapidly process ess and turn a profit quicker if you pay 1k per run you should do quite well!
Fishing- Fishing and cooking are skills you will use hand in hand to turn an easy profit, the thing is the profit margin is large however the work is hard! The only place for non-members to get lobsers is karamja which has no bank for non-members. However if you have a high enough mage level you can simply teleport to falador each time! This cuts travel time in half. You can also catch swordfish which are worth even more then lobsters but you will burn quite a few before your cooking gets high enough. If you choose to not cook them you can still turn a profit but the cooking experience is nice and it only costs you 10 gp per lobster! You can also fish salmon, trout and pike also sell quite well cooked or uncooked either one. This cost feathers however but is much closer to the bank so you can put out more fish faster! Doing this also helps if you like to fight or just mess around with PVP as you will always have lots of food!
Woodcutting- This is a much overated skill for non-members, you do get 400-500gp per yew log but it takes quite awhile to reach level 60 and there is a lot of competition as well as slow tree respawn and slow cutting in general! Cutting normal logs is more profitable but more labor intensive either way leveling your woodcutting level can be beneficial if you are patient it can be good money once you reach 70-80 or just be patient with normal logs! MAke sure to never sell below normal price on the Grand Exchange or they will devalue!
Anchovie Pizza- You will require good cooking skills for this one, it is rather difficult and you must be careful and plan properly, also try to buy the ingredients (anchovies and unfinished pizza) at lowest price! All you have to do is cook them together and you earn about 100gp each while getting good cooking experience! You can do this fast and easily by building a fire outside the bank or in the Grand Exchange you can bank in about 5 seconds! Then keep cooking! There are many other such options involving cooking where you buy 2 things put them together and make a profit! Have a look around!