Runescape -Player Vs Player- -And Bounty Hunter Guide-


Ever since Runescape implemented the new Wilderness scenarios there has been much speculation over the difference between the two. Runescape offered us two different scenarios to try out, PvP (Player vs. Player) and BH (Bounty Hunter). Being a fairly new player, since my fallout in 2006, it took me some time to learn the rules and regulations between the two games.

Bounty Hunter

In BH, you are supplied with a name you must attempt to kill after a certain period of time spent in the wilderness. The player you are supplied is usually around the same level range as you are. Sometimes it may be a fair fight, other times you may get paired up against a kid that knows how to PK (Player Kill). The main difference between BH and PvP is that if you kill your bounty, you get a very reasonable reward, rather than killing just any other person. For example, when i PK regular people in the wilderness on a PvP or BH world I’ll usually get rewarded with a few runes and maybe an amulet of some sort. However, one time I managed to kill my bounty and recieved a Rune Chainmail, Rune legs, Amulet of Power, and 67k. The rewards are much higher in BH, but so are the risks. BH has two different choices:

  • Bounty Hunter (+1 item):BH (+1 item) means that when you die, you still get your most valuable item in your inventory.
  • Bounty Hunter: BH means that if you die you lose everything.

Player vs. Player

PvP, is essentially an all out war. You can attack/get attacked wherever you’d like. Except for in sanctioned ’safe zones’ i.e. the Grand Exchange, Banks, etc. PvP is the same as the second BH world, where if you die, you lose everything. What’s different about the PvP worlds though is you can take who ever you deem worthy, not dependent if they’re +/- 1 level from you. In the wilderness, the deeper you go the higher the level goes. The higher the level, the more people you are able to attack. Example: If you are level 25, and you go to level 9 in the wilderness you are able to attack anywhere between 16-34.

As shown above, PvP and BH worlds are for players wanting to take a greater risk in their Runescape careers, however by going into these worlds you take the risk of losing most, if not all of your current inventory. In PvP and BH worlds you take the risk of losing a lot, but you also may get lucky and win a lot more than you went in with. It’s all a gamble.

Good Luck.