RuneScape: Training Cooking

Cooking is one of the fastest skills to train! You can get 99 in about a week even as a non-member. So here is a list of the fastest methods of training cooking from level 70, enjoy!


The fastest method ever is wine. You may think are you serious! But I am. But you may think wines are cheap to do and you are on you way to 99, the cheap way! No. Wines are very expensive, if you have have 100 million coins and would like to spend it all on cooking, be my guest. If you still decide to, I will try to pull you away from it buy saying that there are risks. Like meats, pies, pizzas, stews, etc, you can “burn wine”. For wine, it is called “bad wine”. This is the equivalent of burning and you stop this at 80 cooking. So please, never ever do wines.



Lobsters are a great way of training cooking! You can get good xp at a cheap cost. The fastest cooking without wine for non-members is not as fast so you may not get the same results. To cook it perfectly, wear cooking gauntlets. These are obtained after the completion of “Family Crest” and you are able to have more successful cooks. You won’t burn these at level 68 with the cooking gauntlets (74 without them).Continue cooking these until level 81.



Swordfish are the next best way at level 81 with cooking gauntlets (86 for non-members). When you get to this level start buying swordfish. Cook these until level 90 (unless you are a non-member, continue cooking and close the guide now!)



Monkfish are really good cooking xp. You stop burning them at level 90 but even at level 86, you don’t lose that much cash. Also note that the cooking gauntlets have no real effect. Cook these until you are level 94.



Sharks are unburnable at level 94 with cooking gauntlets. These may lose you a lot of cash (about 200 per shark!). I’d say cook these until you are level 99. But there is more…



As you know, I said wine before, but I’m going to tell you that wine is worth it at level 80 if you earn at least 500k/h. So if you do (I’m mainly looking at the double nature rune crafters) use wines!


So there we have it, the best ways to get 99 cooking from level 70! And congratulation you have a cooking cape!

cookingcape_1.gif(trimmed if you have another 99 skill)



Images from runescape wiki.