Sacred Season Quest Guide

Sacred Season is a new MMORPG and is so new, that there are hardly any guides to this game. Here is a guide about quests. Unlike most games, you do not have to solve a problem by taking a large amount of time and solve puzzles and stuff. No, Sacred Season is a game that uses only brawn to solve quests.

A guide to quests for this game is easier than most. This guide will have a number of helpful tips to help you complete hard quests. Quests like Cave of Regret and Bittersweet Revenge are very difficult, as they contain high-levelled creatures in them. Here are some tips to completing these sorts of quests.

  • Try to use the Sacred Season forums to recruit some high-levelled players to help you do those quests.
  • Make friends with random players. I have found that this very helpful as they help you train or complete quests.
  • Against high-levelled monsters, use the technique I like to call “hit and die”. To do this, you need a few players. You need an anchor, attackers and shields. You need one anchor to hold the dungeon in case everyone dies, attackers to deal damage to the monsters (Shamans, Arctic Soldiers and Pathfinders are good attackers) and shields to advert the damage from the attackers. I call it hit and die because you hit it and die. You then log back in (doesn’t matter what world) and then go to the anchor and attack the monster again.
  • Create a set of rules with your team. I will show a list of I use.

If you do this, you will complete these hard quests. Remember, that you cannot do this technique with arenas and the Underworld, as you cannot “go to” to these areas.

Here is a good set of rules:

  • The anchor must stay out of the fight, and you still have to move around. If you want you can ask to swap with another player.
  • Everyone leaves the fight when the creature is on very low health.
  • Defeat the strong battles first.
  • Never just leave without warning.

These rules make sure that everyone completes the quest and gets the experience. Make sure you have a team of 5 or less so everyone is actually able to finish the quest. You can change the rules or add a few of your own. Your choice.

Hope this helped,