Sacredness Of Food


Yesterday as today, food  is the element that emphasizes the differences between a man and another, and allows you to distinguish between the different cultures. Food has also a strong religious connotection in all religions, thas, in all societies.

It is not difficult to understand why: each religion dictates that the relationship between God and man expresses through symbolic mediations, and food, among these, represents a powerful religious emblem because it is considered by many cults a divine gift. Eating and drinking gestures are loaded with a strong religious significance, which underpins a basically connection with God. In any case, within the spiritual sphere, the food is not consumed by necessity or for taste, but to achieve the ultimate goal, i.e. the salvation of the soul.

Important sacral food is present in many rituals and in accordance with several rules, depending on your belief: we eat a particular food because this represents the deity or the metaphor of the sacrifice. As, for example, the Easter lamb for Catholics. It is food symbolizing life that was donated, which nourishes the soul.

Food is a constant element in our daily lives and  responds to needs relating to the body but is also subject of attentions of symbolic nature referring to characters of the sacredness , of seduction and mystery. Many recipes, for example, are secret and, above all for recipes related to communities and territories, are kept confidential.

Krishna was a shepherd, who dedicated his whole life to goats, becoming the deity of farmers. It is said that before leaving home he would eat some butter. Gandhi taught that loving food is an expression of gratitude. For the Catholic the concept of food is represented by the Eucharist, the bread of life.  Jesus exalts the sacredness of food. We remember that soon after he resurrected he ate fish with the Apostles to demonstrate he was actually alive.

Today, for the modern man food has become only a fuel to be consumed as and when you want. Food is certainly needed, and in many societies is still represented by bread, but also by joy, like wine, a type of food not essential, but which brings happiness if used in moderation.

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