Safe Back Lifting Techniques

Back injuries are the most common injury that happens at any job, whether it is working in an office or in a factory. Sometimes an item is too heavy for one individual to lift. Other times, the object is not heavy.  However, the individual uses the wrong technique to lift it. By following these tips, you will be protecting your back from unnecessary strains and injuries.

Never lift with your back. Your back muscles are a lot weaker than your thigh muscles. Therefore, your should lift with your stronger muscles. To lift an item that, squat down until your knees are touching the item. Hold the object close to the body and at the same time, use your thigh muscles to push your legs until you are in a standing position.

When you need to move the object to another position, do not twist your body when you are moving. Keep the object close to the body while you are walking. If you have to make a turn, keeping the object close to your body prevents you from twisting your body.

Finally, never lift and object that is too heavy or awkward for you. Ask a second person to help with these items. However, even with two people lifting an object, there can be injuries if there is no coordination.

Communicating with each person doing the lifting is necessary in order to prevent injuries. Have a system such as counting to three aloud, then lifting the object. If an object is too heavy for two individuals to lift comfortably, use a mechanical source, such as a fork lift, to lift it.

The back is the most vulnerable part of the body when it comes to lifting an object. To prevent back injuries, each individual at a job must know the correct and proper way to lift an object. All it takes is using the right muscles, using communication and using basic common sense.