Safe Dating When an Ex is Jealous

A dating relationship involving two people and one of those people has an ex that is jealous can be potentially dangerous.  Jealousy can be raging and possibly even deadly and there are precautions that need to be taken to avoid this at all costs.  However, a dating relationship should not be filled with worry and stress over someone that is not involved in either person’s life anymore.  There are two very common sense things that should be done to ensure safe dating when an ex is jealous.

1)  Avoid places where your ex may hang out!  Entering a lion’s cage, especially with the lion’s mate, can never yield a positive result.  When you go to a place where your ex is and you have another date, you are basically throwing it up in their face and taunting them that you have found somebody else and there is no reason for this kind of behavior.  The victory has already been received by finding a new person that you share things with, and to rub in the victory can spark a rage in the jealous ex that you don’t want.  Avoid the places where your ex goes and you are avoiding one more needless confrontation.  This is safe dating when an ex is jealous!

2)  Avoid being too public about who you are dating and where you enjoy going!  Word of mouth spreads quickly and now, internet has introduced the world to social networking that allows everybody to see your every move if you so desire.  A dating relationship should remain public only to the families to the parties that are dating.  However, there is no reason why everybody should know where you date and who you are dating.  A person could tweet where they are going for a date on a certain day, and if the jealous ex is any kind of a raging stalker, that person will look at the Twitter or Facebook, or whatever site is used, and possibly try and do something foolish.  Even though many of these sites require you to have a friend invitation accepted first, there are ways around this and the situation could turn very negative.  Avoid telling the world about your dating relationship, especially if you have a jealous ex.  This is a tip for safe dating when an ex is jealous!

These two common sense tips can help avoid any unnecessary problems with your ex and keep your relationship strong!