Sandringham Hotel Sandown Isle of Wight England

The Sandringham Hotel……

The Sandringham Hotel is situated along the Esplanade on Sandown seafront in the Isle of Wight. It is a three star hotel although the feel of it is much more luxurious than that. There are over 200 rooms most of which are en-suite with only about two rooms which do not have a bathroom (but these are considerably cheaper compared with the en-suite rooms).

The reception area is found straight off from the beach and this means there are a large number of stairs leading from reception to the main hotel areas. However if disabled people are staying there is an entrance found on the high street meaning that there are no stairs to climb before reaching the lift to the rooms.

The whole of the hotel is very well kept and has been slowly modernised within the last few years. Behind the reception area there is a small heated swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi which again is clean and well maintained.

Up on the first level (the level of the high street) there is the large dining room, ballroom and lounge. The dining room is very nicely done with huge glass windows giving a lovely view of culver cliffs and the surrounding beach area. The waiting staff are all very peasant and the restaurant manager is a cut above the rest. The food is pleasant and is silver severed which makes for an enjoyable time.

The lounge area hosts a bar and some very nice sofas and chairs. There is a small balcony which people are able to smoke upon if they so wish and this has a lovely view of Sandown Bay. A few steps take you up to the ballroom where music and entertainment is put on most nights of the week. There is a separate bar in the ballroom but of course, you are unable to smoke in here but the ballroom again has a small balcony where you may take your cigarettes out on.

There are three separate floors where the rooms are spread out over but a good sized lift can take you up to any floor. Of curse the best rooms to have are the ones that face the sea as these all have balconies and wonderful views. The rooms which look out onto the high street are still very nice inside but do not have such a nice view.

The rooms are kept clean and tidy and tea-making facilities are in every room. There is a TV in the rooms but this only has the four terrestrial channels and sometimes the picture can be a little fuzzy.

The all the staff in the hotel are all very helpful and friendly and I think this is a brilliant hotel to stay in if you are planning a trip to the sunny Isle of Wight. The rates are reasonable and the hotel advertises in most national newspapers plus you get a ferry ticket free when you book so this is a good £80 saving compared to if you were staying at another hotel.

The hotel is open more than any other hotel in the area and only closes for a few weeks before and after Christmas. They do not however d tinsel and turkey weekends before Christmas but the do open for 9 days over the Christmas period making a good holiday in the festive season.

All in all I think this hotel is certainly a cut above the rest. It is cheap in price but a good clean place to stay. It has a lot of facilities in the hotel and many in the surrounding areas. All the staff are friendly and both the food and rooms are of a good standard.

A five star rating of this hotel is what I am awarding and would highly recommend it for people wanting a short or long break.