Satisfy a Woman in Bed – 5 Hot Sexy Maneuvers to Make Her Want More

Being smooth with the ladies is guaranteed to get you popular with women in no time no doubt about that – it’s the part where you have to know how to satisfy a woman in bed that makes things a bit more complicated. Of course, sex is never supposed to be dull and boring – it’s supposed to be filled with passion and madness and the more you let go, the more it’s going to pleasurable and fascinating. But then again, you’ll never get to achieve what you want in sex if you don’t know how satisfy a woman in bed first – so here are the top five hot sexy maneuvers to make her want you more:

Get her intellectually stimulated first. Conversations are not invented to just fill up the silence between you and your girl. You may not know it but this is the very first step in getting a woman impressed. It’s a good thing you know how to carry a conversation and keep it in interesting as much as you can – women need to be intellectually stimulated before you get them in the mood.

Never rush her. Always keep your cool because you’ll have the whole night to spend with her – take things nice and easy and everything will turn out just fine, believe me. The more you push hard on her, the more she’ll try to play-harder-to-get. Just take it easy.

Keep communicating. Of course, communication is very important in any relationship – even if you’re already making love, it’s very vital you stay connected – try dirty talking. It’s hot and absolutely a big turn-on as well. So go ahead and tell her it feels good and ask her what she wants as well.

Make it a nice and slow foreplay. Foreplay’s are always a very vital part when making love – women need to pre-heat first before she’ll get all geared and ready for sex all night long. Don’t worry – once she’s turned on full blast, you can make good sex all night long.

Make her feel loved and desired. Don’t just concentrate on your own welfare during sex – be sensitive of her body language as well. Every moan and groan counts and she might be wanting you to do something more. You’ll be satisfying her to new depths and make her want more!

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