Save Money by Planning a Family Staycation This Instead of a Vacation This Year

Plan Trips to The Beach
Local beaches are a great place to spend long hot summer days with the kids. Pack up some plastic buckets and shovels, sunscreen and a picnic lunch and anything else you would take to the beach in Hawaii and make a day of it. The only thing you will pay for is parking, and most public beaches do not even charge parking fees during weekdays.

Go Hiking
Hiking can be fun for the entire family, and no matter where you live, there is always a place to hike not far away. Just remember that there are many things to keep in mind for new/ hikers.

Always stay on pathways.

If you encounter animals, remember that you are on their turf and have respect, particularly during mating season as some animals have been known to attack.

Obey any rules that are posted and use common sense. Do not litter or light fires.

Plan a Family Reunion/Picnic/ BBQ
Host a Family Reunion, BBQ or Picnic. What better way to spend a summer day than with family that you haven`t seen in a while? Contact family members and tell them what you are planning and when. Ask each member to contribute not only a meal component  or refreshment, but to bring along their recent family photos so that everyone can catch up with each other. (If you have a large property you might consider asking out of town attendees to bring tents and sleeping bags, so that they do not have to leave early to get back home)

Go to Local Museums/Art Galleries
With millions of items to see, the entire family will enjoy a day at the museum. Some will offer student discounts and family rates or have special days when admission is free. The kids will especially enjoy exhibits showcasing age old dinosaurs and reptiles, but there is plenty for mom and dad too.

Go Camping
Camping is relatively inexpensive and is a great way to escape urban life for a while. Whether you prefer to camp at a family campground
or a National Park, you shouldn`t have to go far to find a  spot to pitch your tent.

* If your family members are not avid campers, consider borrowing some of the necessary equipment
for your first trip rather than purchasing everything. Decide after your trip if you feel it a worthwhile investment to buy your own.

Go Fishing
In my home, fishing is a favorite family passtime. Almost every day or evening from the spring thaw to the first snow we can all be found at one of the local lakes or rivers. Fishing is an inexpensive activity that not only provides you with something fun to do, but can provide you with a healthy meal too.

*In order to avoid costly fines, before you fish, always be sure to check to see what fish are in season.