Save Your Life By Being Fit

Did you know that staying fit could save your life? Not only does it affect your physical well being but staying physically fit helps in your mental and emotional well being as well! Only 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days in a week can help you keep physically fit. Do not think fitness is merely attaining a muscular body, your overall health and well being is what constitutes fitness.

It is not so important to just want to stay fit; you have to work towards achieving fitness. Simply piling up on fitness equipment you see on commercials will not help unless you actually get down to working on them. The next time you get interested in purchasing yet another equipment or ‘get slim quick’ pill, take a minute to think – is it that easy? If your treadmill has been gaining dust proportional to the weight gain on your waist, you probably know what I am talking about! Make an effort to understand the benefits of staying fit and once you see the slight changes in your fitness and physical health it will automatically motivate you to be consistent in your regimen.
Research proves that compared to people with active lifestyles, those who have a sedentary life have double the risk of falling prey to coronary heart diseases. Unfortunately, heart diseases stay the number one reason for deaths among men and women in the United States.

According to the New England Medical Journal which studied 84,000 middle aged women noted that with moderate to vigorous exercises for 30 minutes a day, they had reduced their risk of a heart disease by 80%!
The reason for this is that any moderate to vigorous exercise increases oxygen supply to the heart and increases the strength of the heart muscles. It also lowers blood pressure and improves sugar levels in the blood quite significantly.

Here are some tips to help you get started with your own exercise regimen:
o    Before you begin any kind of physical activity, get a physical examination. Some conditions do not allow for certain exercises.
o    To allow for consistency, pick activities you will enjoy instead of an exercise you may not follow for long!
o    Be realistic about the results of exercising, changes do not happen overnight. Start slow and allow some time to see the difference in your overall fitness.
o    If in trouble regarding motivation or consistency or in lack of a regimen, get a personal trainer. She/he can help you learn the proper way of doing an exercise and coach you well.
o    Support of near and dear ones will always help you in a new endeavor. Get a friend or your spouse to join you.
o    Checking your stats for results every weekend could de-motivate you. Do not be harsh on yourself and check for changes every 3 months.
o    Again remember that fitness is not only getting a ‘great figure’ or getting into that dress! If you cannot see results physically, assess your overall mental and emotional being. Do not give up!
o    Exercising is not a punishment for eating or watching Television – it is adding quality years to your life, enjoy it!

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