Scaffolding Towers Overview: The Trendy Mini Fold Model

Scaffolding towers are commonly used and extremely safe ways to do jobs at high elevation. No matter if you are an determined house owner with a number of do-it-yourself tasks, or a busy craftsman that has long line of duties to perform, implementing a scaffolding tower is a terrific way to speed up the work. However, scaffold towers have their own set of inherent features and functions that you should be aware of. Safety is of paramount importance, as well. Here’s some information about working safely on scaffold towers, and about a popular model called the “mini fold.”

Regarding the Mini Fold Scaffold Tower

This is a scaled-down version of the scaffold towers commonly found in industrial and trade environments. This is a very lightweight but powerful structure that is just the right thing for one worker. The mini fold tower is also very beneficial in restricted space areas. As a matter of fact, lots of folks say that a mini fold tower is easier to implement, more safe to use and also more robust than a customary step ladder. If you are employing this form of tower, it is relevant to make certain that it is erected on even and solid ground. Look in the maker’s guidebook to find out what the safe working height is; you should not go beyond this height.

Features of the Mini Fold Scaffold Tower

This tower may be employed both inside and outside but you should not use sheeting with it, or work on it when the winds are strong. The work area is 1.50m x .70m and there are six platform heights for the tower. Four 5” locking castors are part of the package; a guardrail pack can be obtained separately. this tower can fold down compactly and store away in a caravan or fit neatly in a roof rack. Although the tower is deceptively easy to transport and deploy, it’s important to follow all recommended safety rules. For instance, when instructed, don’t neglect to install stabilisers or outriggers in compliance to the maker’s rules. Don’t put an overload of heavy equipment on your tower and don’t use this tower to raise materials up to the platform.

A Few Specifications of the Mini Fold Scaffold Tower

Mini fold scaffolding towers typically carry an HD1004 Class 3 rating. HD1004 is commonly called BS1139: Part 3; it is the European standard which is connected with manufactured mobile access industrial duty towers. It does not relate to domestic duty towers. HD1004 is implemented in eighteen EU nations, and though not a legal necessity, it is a factor to look for if you are purchasing or employing a scaffolding tower. This mini fold tower can endure a maximum capacity of 150kg, and is manufactured from lightweight but resilient aluminium. It’s length is 1.5 and its open height is 1.7m. This special industrial quality tower comes with locking castors for more safeness. Its weight is 32kg and its width is .7m. The height of the platform is 1.7m; the tower costs around £270.

When it is appropriately implemented, scaffolding towers like the mini fold are quite safe. It is vital, though, to implement it conscientiously. You need to realise too that certain climatic situations, for instance heavy winds and strong rain will unbalance it.

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