Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween

Scary movies makes Halloween even more scary. After the sun goes down and trick-or-treating or handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters is all over and done with, many people like to relax in a darkened room, watching horror movie after horror movie. It’s more scary to do it alone, but it can be very fun to enjoy the scary movies with a companion or a group of companions. There are so many wonderful horror films that you could watch, that it would be very difficult to name them all in one article. So, here are just a few ideas for your horror movie Halloween night.

Probably one of the most obvious choices for a great and scary horror film is The Exorcist. The possessed child, Regan McNeil was played by actress Linda Blair. This film is shocking, to say the least, with a knife being jabbed in a place that a knife should never, ever go, a spinning head, green vomit, and more creepiness to keep you up at night and leave you feeling extremely disturbed.

An even more obvious choice would be Halloween. Of course you should watch “Halloween” on Halloween night! You’ve got the psychotic, seemingly superhuman brother who finally loses it and kills his family off, one by one and also takes the lives of anyone else who falls in his path. You can shoot him, stab him, burn him, or hang him by the neck and he just won’t die.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is another great pick. Just don’t fall asleep because that’s how this killer gets you. He lives in your nightmares and kills you in your nightmares. He feeds on fear, it makes him stronger, and how can you not be afraid of him? His face was left looking grotesque from the burn scars and he has knives attached to his hands, like long silver claws.