Scuddles Seafood Restaurant Floyds Knobs, Indiana

Scuddles Seafood Restaurant

Every neighborhood needs a local seafood restaurant, so when this one opened we waited for the newness to wear off and for the staff to learn the ropes.  Our group made plans to go early around 5:00 on Friday evening.  We’ve ate at this location many times when it use to be a Cuban restaurant and before that a Tumbleweed Mexican restaurant. The outside is attractive enough with the front porch, to keep its patrons out of the elements. Anxious to see what the owner of Scuddles Seafood did with the interior, we stepped inside to see a pastel décor similar to a Key West theme and a few faux palm trees. We sat ourselves and were immediately given menus. We scanned the menu of appetizers.

Fried pickles  5.99                                                                                              
Crab cakes    6.99                                                                                               
Fried jalapenos   5.99                                                                                          
Fried button mushrooms 5.99                                                                               
Kettle chips and cheese  5.99                                                                              
Shrimp nachos          7.50                                                                                      
Crispy onion rings     6.99                                                                                      
Fried oysters             6.99                                                                                      
Fried okra                  4.99                                                                                    
Pick two sampler        8.99                                                                                     

We decided to forego any appetizers we came for a light dinner. After giving the waitress our drink order we studied the menu. It’s not a big menu, but had some surprises that you just don’t see on most neighborhood restaurant menus, at least in Southern Indiana.

Homemade soup and salad

New England clam chowder      5.99                                                                  
Gumbo        5.99                                                                  
House salad       6.99                 add fish, shrimp, or chicken 8.99
Seafood salad    7.99                                                                   
Caribbean salad  6.99                                                                    

Homemade dressing

House dressing a blend of tropical flavors finished with fresh lime juice
Tropical breeze pineapple and citrus fruit dressing finished with poppy seed
Blue seed ranch with gorgonzola cheese
Ranch house


Fish blackened or fried                         7.99                                                              
Grilled chicken breast                           7.99                                                            
Po boy shrimp or fish planks                 6.50                                                               
The gulf                                                7.99                                                                   

Scuddles Meal Baskets

Fish, fries, pups and slice of bread                                                                             
Shrimp, fries and pups                            7.99                                                                
Clams, fries and pups                             7.99                                                       
Scallops, fries and pups                          8.99                                
Oysters, fries and pups                           8.99                                        
Chicken fingers fries and pups                9.99                                       
Pick two combo                                      10.99                                         

Scuddles entrees
Includes coleslaw, hushpuppies and one side
Additional sides 1.99

Crisp coated white fish fried or blackened   9.99
Shrimp dinner fried                                     10.99
Clam dinner     fried                                      9.99
Scallops fried                                              10.99
Coconut shrimp                                           10.99
Fried chicken tenders                                  10.99
Kettle chips, fries, baked potatoes, coleslaw, steamed broccoli, side salad

Smoothies Reg. 2.99                   lg   3.99

Children’s menu available


Deep fried cheese cake                                 3.99
Death by chocolate                                        4.99
Mousse shots                                                 2.00
Caramel cheesecake                                      3.99
Key West pie                                                   3.99

After studying the menu the decision was made to try fish, we placed an order for the fried fish sandwich, one of us ordered blackened, they both came on herbed focaccia or rye with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and thin sliced red onion drizzled with cilantro tartar sauce. The fish sandwich also came with a side of kettle chips. One in our group placed and order for New England clam chowder. We ordered Ice tea and cola.

As we waited for our meals we noticed the acoustics in this restaurant were non existent. Our voices echoed and so did the other two couples in the restaurants; we tried to keep our conversation to a minimum. Scuddles seafood restaurant is not the restaurant to take a first date or have a private romantic evening.

We waited a considerable long time for our meals for what we ordered, The food looked pleasing on our plates but, most of it consisted of bread and chips, the fish was very minimal and we did not care for the cilantro tartar sauce. One of the managers carried on a lengthy conversation with a woman picking up a carry out menu right behind our table. It was very distracting. A tip for the manager; put some carry out menus outside by the door, it would save a lot of unnecessary traffic inside the dining room. The fish was ok but didn’t make us want a repeat visit. The clam chowder was creamy but short on clams. The waitress did her job with no conversation. The total bill came to around $40.00 including tip Parking isn’t a problem, if their lot gets full their’s plenty close by, since the restaurant is located next to a strip mall.

Scuddles Seafood Restaurant is located at 702 Highlander Point Floyds Knobs, Indiana 47119
Mon- Thur 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10   Sun 11:30-8