Search Specific Word or Phrase on Webpage Quickly


Surfing the internet to find or search for answers that you’re looking for does not always end when the webpage is up on your screen. Sometimes search engines throw you webpages consisting of long piece of writing that you have to read in order to find what you need. Well it’s not always fun especially if you don’t have so much time to spend reading every webpage. So how do you search webpages more effectively? – By using the Find bar.

Let’s say you are trying to find out more about American History using Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 1: Go to your favorite search engine like or and enter “American History” and hit Search.

Step 2: Let’s say you picked on Wikipedia to look for the answers. You’ll see that there is too much information written about the history of United States. If you are only trying to find out the contribution of Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin or someone in particular, it will take time reading the whole webpage before you reached what you’re looking for.

Step 3: Now press Ctrl+F and the Find Bar will appear at the bottom of the browser (or you can go to Edit menu and choose Find, but I like using shortcuts better). Enter the word or phrases that you want to search on the webpage and it will highlight the word for you as you type. This will greatly reduce the time you spend on the webpage trying to look for the answers. You can hit “Next” or “Previous” to navigate the page. There is also an option to match the case if you want to fine tune your search.


Step 4: If you just want to do a quick search, you can simply press shortcut keys / (slash) or ‘ (apostrophe) to open the Quick Find bar. It will also appear at the bottom of the browser. It will disappear after few seconds.


Step 5: You also have the option to configure Firefox to automatically search for the word when you type any character even if the Find Bar is not open. Simply go to Tools==>Options…==>Advanced==>General tab and tick off “Search for text when I start typing”.

TIPS: Microsoft Internet Explorer has a similar feature which opens up when you press Ctrl+F or go to Edit and choose Find on this Page…