Self Assessment: Key to Obtaining Passive Income

First of all, do you believe that each one of us is born without any cash or coins? If you say yes, then you are definitely right. Obviously, our concept of money comes when we were first expose to that medium of exchange. Luckily, if we are born to a rich family or as they say with a silver spoon, and then money would not be problem. Otherwise, we will worry each and every day on how to survive, isn’t it?

Now, let us do some self-assessment. What are the resources or talents do we have now and willing to explore and share it with others? Are we good in singing, acting, playing musically instruments, drawing sketching, analyzing, observing, and artistic, etc.? The idea here is we should nurture our (God)-given talents. Continue to develop and continue to learn. In short make our talent, the “demand” that other people needs.

If you read the Bible: Matthew 25:14-30, which is the Parable of the Talents. Basically it tells us that God has given us the talents or resources according to our abilities. He will not entrust something that we could not manage. It is up to us to make the best of it. Likewise, in the story, the master handed his three servants talents of different quantities. The first servant received five talents. The second one received two. Lastly, the third got one. To make the long story short, the first two servants able to double what they possess. Five became ten. Two become four. However, the last servant did nothing for fear of losing the talent so he buried it under. Upon hearing this, master obviously got mad and dispossessed his only talent and gave it to the first servant.

The same is true that could happen to us. We need to identify what really our talent is.  We should make use of our talents wisely. Its gain or stagnation will definitely depend on how much effort we put into it. Those who have taken risks usually end up winning and gaining.

Once we identify what we possess then we can know what to plan next for our success!