Self Defense Placements And Hits


Use every light contact which means upto 10% contact. This will be enough for you to be able to see some effects without causing any real harm. When you are practicing, ask your opponent who is the acting attacker to wear padding so you can up the power you use. Try and rehearse your punches on a punching bag. The more you engage in rehearsing, the more natural your responses will become.

Rehearsing Pointers For You…


Some good points for target remain the eyes, throat, nose, groin, solar plexus, instep and shin. These are effective and easy places that can be hit with several kinds of strikes. Even though it may be quite easy as well as effective to strike the groin area, do not make it your sole hitting target. Men instinctively react rather fast to defend the groin area so unless you are really close to your attacker, save this area as the target.

Your strike can be made better in several ways

      Bracing the target area by the attacker helps when he is against the floor or a wall; you could also brace it yourself when you confine the area or the attacker when hitting.

      Keep your aim at about 6” past the target and not merely directly at it.

      Do not pull out your strike too soon. Keep it in contact for a count so you can transfer the most of your energy into it. Similarly when you hit with a larger surface, it offers a better transfer of the energy.

      Deliver a number of strikes to the same target area.

      When you scream, you help channelize all your energy into the strike.

      It is a rule to strike with soft to hard and vice versa; for instance,

o   Knee to Femoral or groin

o   Head to nose

o   Palms to head

o   Elbows to ribs

      If possible, try not to punch on the head. Since the head is hard, it is possible to break your fingers or knuckles. There is also the risk of somebody transmitting HIV, hepatitis or other equally horrid infections to you when puncturing your knuckles with their teeth. You can hit equally hard with your palm and with less risks to yourself.

      When targeting soft areas, motor nerve areas or pressure points, a full on hit can cause permanent damage. Even a 5% strike could affect the attacker and mostly there will be a delay before a response. Because of this, we keep really careful. When you hit these areas, it could incapacitate that limb altogether and could even lead to unconsciousness.

      It is imperative to keep in mind that any strike to the throat could lead to permanent damage and even death and hence these strikes should only be used in the case of a real self defense need. Treat them with utmost care during care. Similarly, hits to the eyes must be taken carefully during training and only use hard strikes during a real situation.