SEO: Just All About Top Ranking?

It is good to be top First or Second page in search engine. Because usually people just browse on the first 2 or 3 pages in search result. But is that mean SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) just all about top ranking only?

No . Of cause NOT .

You need to make sure your website is user friendly to browser. Visitor won’t get lost in your website. Check is that your website design is professional enough, the layout design clean & clear? If website layout too ugly and messy, then is not easy to convince visitor to become your customer. Visitors will think how I can trust you and paid you money.

Don’t write confusing content to cheat customer. Some business owner play around with the wording, try to attract customer to buy their service/product. May be customer will buy for the first time, but definitely don’t have second time if they find out they are cheated by you.

The service or product you sell is that good enough? Listen to your customers’ feedback & get improve on it. Don’t let customers keep complains & you not do any improving. Customers will run away. As I said before, customer service is very important for every business, either online or offline.

That is no use even your website list on top of the search engine if visitor just be 1 time customer. Business is talking about long term. Through mouth of words, customer introduce customer, then your business can become bigger & bigger. Your business must be in alert, if don’t have any return customer or customer introduce customer. You better self-review.

Remember, the Art of SEO is just not all about to be top ranking in the Search Engine.