Serving And Being Served is a Legal Process

As a legal process, serving papers for various purposes is serious business best handled by professionally trained process servers. There is an enormous need for the delivery of legal paperwork which includes summonses, divorce proceedings, Break Notice, Winding up petitions, statutory demands, bankruptcy, and injunctions among many others. The process of serving these crucial papers to the correct individual or business can be tedious and involved so that prior knowledge of how it’s best done is vital.

Eviction notices

The act of demanding removal from a residence or a business location due to unpaid rent or mortgage is always stressful for those served and can lead to an unsafe situation unless the server knows what they are doing and perhaps brings along the police as a backup. It is not the job of a process server to physically remove tenants but rather to serve paperwork detailing how, when, and why the tenant must vacate the premises.

Divorce or other family proceedings

Filing for a divorce is an emotional time and the process server will act as a go-between or negotiator when serving the paperwork detailing the divorce. When there are children and property involved it can become complicated.

Court Orders and Break Notices

The legalities involved in notices served by solicitors, local authorities, lawyers, and government agencies can be complicated and potentially risky. Hiring the services of a professional process server will ease the stress involved and insure the parties involved will be properly and legally served.

Statement taking

Whenever there is need for affidavit or other legal statement taking the professional process server can handle that as well. Accident investigators often require signed statements regarding the witnessing of accidents which may even involve an investigation of the site of the incident or accident. The trained investigator will be capable of measuring and identifying the scene if required.

An International Business

Some process servers work only in the UK and perhaps Wales while others will do the job around the globe. Fees are generally fixed and are dependent upon the distance to the point of service. Even those who reside in other countries can effectively serve papers on anyone in the UK and if they cannot be found by the client, the law offices may be able to help locate and then complete the process of serving paperwork. Once the process is completed clients will receive a certificate of service, an affidavit, or witness statement declaring the process completed in a legal and timely manner.

Professional process servers take the worry out of legal proceedings

Unfortunately the business of serving papers for legal purposes is just part of the process of running a business or living life. From time of serving to delivery of proper proof of the completed service the professional who does the serving must comply with certain rules and regulations and this is best left to that professional to complete their job. Within each village and town in the UK the service will be accomplished in a short amount of time, generally within 72 hours but can be effectively rushed when required. The act of serving may include time that stretches beyond the normal business hours and this is generally included in the fixed fees.