Setting Sail in The South Seas

The idea of the perfect holiday differs for everyone. For some, it’s the ‘where’ that matters – it’s all about location: a quiet secluded beach, with no one around for miles. For others, it’s all about the ‘what’: nothing but surfin’, eatin’ and sleepin’. And for many it’s the ‘who’: it doesn’t really matter where you are or what you do, as long as you’re with your mates or loved ones.

But whatever your holiday style, Java Sea Charters offers one of the most appealing holiday gateways available in Indonesia. The 60-ft wooden ketch rigged sailing boat, the Cecilia Ann, offers it all.

With trips to Krakatau and Ujung Kulon, as well as the Thousand Islands, there’s plenty of adventure on offer. And with a dive master on board, divers can enjoy unlimited dives, including wreck dives and night diving. For those wanting ultimate quiet and relaxation, the entire trip can be spent lazing on deck reading or snoozing.

But the Cecilia Ann is really perfect for those wanting to get away from your city and spend quality time with family and friends. With ten air-conditioned sleeping bunks, you can round up a group of friends and have an amazing weekend away.

The ship’s crew is unbelievably friendly and the food is quite respectable. The price includes all meals and soft drinks. If you wish, you can bring your own drinks or you may order ahead of time from Java Sea Charters and they will have it ready for you when you board.

The Cecilia Ann is docked in Anyer, only three hours from Jakarta, which makes it an extremely convenient option for those who don’t want to fuss with elaborate travel details.

The trip begins with everyone meeting in Anyer at around 10pm on the Friday evening. After getting settled, you fall asleep while the boat is still docked in the harbour. While you are fast asleep, the boat sets sail at about 4.30 am, so when you make, you are already at your first destination, which is basically the middle of nowhere. You’ll enjoy a beautiful breakfast of coffee, fresh tropical fruits, eggs and toast against a breathtaking backdrop of picturesque deserted islands.

After breakfast, guests do as they please: some dive, some snorkel, some are lulled back to sleep by the gentle rocking. In the evening before dinner, the cork pops and wine adds a gentle flush to everyone’s already sun-kissed cheeks. The evening meals are beautiful with warm, fresh crusty bread, salad and savoury meat.

With heavy lids and a full belly, sleep is next on the itinerary and if you like, you can sleep on deck and drift off enjoying the breeze and the stars.

The second day is much of the same with one major difference: Krakatau – a heavyweight in Indonesia’s string of volcanic pearls. The hike up this giant is strenuous with the entire surface covered in volcanic sand. But the view once you’re there makes it absolutely worth it.

After Krakatau the next stop is Sibuku Islands, which boasts pristine with sand and crystal clear water. The island is perfect for exploring, snorkeling and shell collecting. After everyone is back on board, the 3-hour trip back to Anyer begins. After this great getaway, you will head back to your city feeling relaxed and refreshed.